Death and Shawls to the Age 16, Spalding Gray!

Last night, as I tucked her into bed, Harper said, “I don’t want you to die before I’m 16.”

Me: I’m with you. The good news? I probably won’t!

Harper: Will you die before I’m 40?

Me: I certainly hope not!

Harper: I don’t want you to die.

She then began to cry. And cry. And my heart broke, and so on. When Harper is 16, I’ll be 51. When she’s 40, I’ll be 75.


Meredith still cries about our cat that died three years ago, and I really have no idea where I’m going with this. (I’m working on very little sleep, and to keep up with my One Raw Meal Each Day! plan, I just ate 30 almonds. Because that’s all I’ve got over here. Nuts. Where is the Asparagus and Tomato Delivery Truck when I need it?!)

Let’s change the subject! I have less than two weeks to finish my Taygete shawl, and I think it’s going to happen! This is a huge deal! (It’s not really a huge deal.)


When it’s washed and blocked and gifted, I’m going to work on some things that have been in the works for entirely too long (Asparagus and Tomato Delivery Truck!), and then I may just make one of these. With this!

Oh! Just so you know, we pulled Scout out of Eileen’s obedience class, and have enrolled her in a different class that begins in June. Here’s hoping the crazies stay home on Wednesday evenings!
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12 thoughts on “Death and Shawls to the Age 16, Spalding Gray!”

  1. Excellent decision on the obedience re-scheduling — nether you nor the pup need that kind of stress!

    As for the mental math…both my husband and I remember being little kids and thinking how incredibly OLD (55) we would be in the year 2000. Gads, would we even actually live that long?? Now, we’re pondering the probabilities of being on hand to see our recently-born granddaughter graduate from high school.

    Time — it passeth all understanding!

  2. the other day i cried because i realized my grandfather isn’t going to be around forever. (darn pregnancy hormones.)
    and, oh lord. when my kid is 40 i’ll be 76. (of course i have to give birth first.) yeesh indeed.

  3. That shawl is one of the prettiest projects I’ve ever seen you post. Exquisite.

  4. LOVE that shawl and would love to make one myself, but I screw up lace like nobody’s business. Maybe I need to practice more.

    I feel the pain of Harper – I’m the same way. My mom turned 70 and it finally occurred to me that she won’t be around forever. I can’t stand to think about not being around my daughter forever. She’s the love of my life. : )

  5. I want your shawl. Or your knitting abilities. Because I’m not a good knitter, and that looks gorgeous.


    My brother is having a baby in October (his first will be 2 in January). And in November he’ll be 46.

    Better him than me! Had my last one at 39 – do the math.

  6. Two things:
    First – my brother and his roommate both had difficulties with severe stomach pain after eating large quantities of nuts on a regular basis -so definitely see about those tomatoes! (By the way – when they stopped eating giant jars of nuts from Costco, the problem went away – no long term harm done – -they theorize it was just the fiber/bulk issue – but one of them actually had a CAT Scan or something because the doctor thought the pain level indicated a severe problem).
    Second – my children go through phases with the sadness. It is often associated with them being overtired, but that doesn’t make the emotions less genuine – it breaks my heart a little when they are sad like that. My 9 year old periodically cries about my grandfather, who she met just a few times, and who passed away when she was about 3……
    The shawl is so lovely!

  7. I am in love with the colors in that shawl, lady.

    Also: I see your raw meal once a day and raise you CHIA SEEDS. I’m putting them in my smoothies! They’re kind of slimy and gross! I love them!

    And once upon a time, in a moment of despondency (her) and desperation (me), I promised my then-tiny girl child that neither of us would ever die. EVER. I think that means we need to freeze our heads, or something. Could get expensive. But I PROMISED.

  8. I tortured my parents this way (unintentionally) when I was her age. It lasted a few years (unfortunately). I thought too much about things. Eventually it went away! It helped to be held. (Prepare for lots of holding – good thing you like to hold your kids!)

    In Sunday school when we learned of Abraham putting Isaac on the stone altar and being willing to sacrifice him I didn’t sleep for nearly a month. I sobbed to my mother about how if God asked them to, they would have to kill me.

    This might explain my aversion to church as an adult, come to think of it…

  9. That shawl is BEAUTIFUL. What would you charge to make me one?

    Cuz I can’t knit. Or crochet. Or tat. Or whatever that is. And what I can’t do, I get someone else to do… :)

  10. it’s a phase. I mean, not that she wouldn’t be said if you died… but they just feel ‘down’ about something they can’t ‘explain’/they’re over tired perhaps and they just verbalised with the saddest thing they can think of…

    I love that shawl.

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