She has been begging us to take her to Trinidad.

We’ve spent the past three weeks becoming familiar with Scout’s puppy quirks.

She is an ankle biter. If I’m in the bathroom, she tends to relieve herself on the floor outside the bathroom door. She loves running full speed under the couch, and has actually ripped up a lot of the fabric beneath both couches. We love her.

Scout’s latest quirk involves digging all of the water out of her water bowl. When the bowl is emptied, she continues to “run” inside the bowl. Because the bowl is stainless steel, part of me believes that she’s trying to engage the puppy she sees in the mirror. Also, part of me is Very Annoyed with this, as I’ve been spending a lot of time wiping up the water.

But wait a minute! My glass is just as half full as any other glass! Perhaps Scout spends her evenings dreaming of the day when she can audition for Caribbean Steel International! (We’ll just keep this little secret to ourselves.)

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18 thoughts on “She has been begging us to take her to Trinidad.”

  1. Hey! I wonder what would happen if you get her a play” bowl just for running around in?

  2. I wonder what it is about the food bowl that makes her jump away. That dog is so cute, she makes my teeth hurt.

  3. I think I love Scout, too. :)

    It does look like she’s trying to get the puppy in the bowl. Maybe she’s also inventing a new water dance that involves clearing the bowl of evil spirits or something.

  4. I. Love. Scout. She clearly needs a little hat with dreadlocks.

    When Gracie was little, she used to play in her water bowl and scream (literally scream) at ice cubes. They terrified her. I miss those days.

  5. I third the notion that she’s trying to get through to her buddy in the bowl. If you put her water in a plastic bowl, what does she do?

  6. I’m with elsimom – try a plastic bowl. Oscar hates closed doors; so we’ve learned to pee with the door open and just respect each others privacy by not going near the door. I’m just glad he finally outgrew the habit of chewing the crotches out of my underwear – that was getting pricey.

  7. Thank you – that was awesome!

    I agree with previous posters – get a plastic bowl for water and move the steel bowl into the living room for playtime.

  8. My brother’s dog used to throw his bowl up in the air. He’d grab it by the edges and just HURL it up in the sky! It was hard plastic, but it started looking pretty ragged pretty quickly. He was also a Golden Retriever mix, so a bazillion times bigger than Scout.


  9. I agree with Ashlea. Clearly Scout thinks you have set up a puppy play pool for her and is having a gay ol’ time…she’s looking around to see if you brought her a mai tai yet. That bowl is sized for a Great Dane!

    Also, fyi: skip the plastic bowls, they get scratched up and can break down over time and leach toxins into the food and water. Stick with stainless steel or ceramic for your pets.

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