Don’t even get me started on the mosquitoes.

I’m not a fan of the summer. I know you probably are, but I’m most definitely not, and I’m sorry if that means that we can’t be friends. I prefer cold to hot. I prefer chai lattes to fresh lemonade. I hate going to the pool and sweating and having to deal with wearing things that are not cardigans and jeans. (I currently own two pairs of shorts. Both were purchased while I was going through physical therapy a few years back. In other words, I associate Shorts with Pain.) When the temperature rises above eighty degrees fahrenheit, I start feeling dizzy and delicate. I despise sunscreen. I don’t want to go to the park or to Six Flags or anywhere that involves me walking on blacktop. I want crisp air and crunchy leaves and clogs and marching bands, and I want those things every single day! (Excuse me, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I will change my name to Jackson if you give me a house and let my family live in you free of charge!)

The only thing (perhaps not the ONLY thing—please be patient with me and my drama) that makes summer bearable for me is this:

Tomatoes, etc.!

What you’re seeing here is a bowl of fresh tomatoes and green onions and Parmesan and garlic and sea salt and pepper and basil and the amounts of each ingredient are up to you and it’s pretty amazing by itself, but it’s even better when it gets married to lightly buttered rotini.

Pasta and Tomates, etc.

During the summer months, I make a batch of this stuff at least once each week. Usually more. And when it’s 100 degrees outside, I substitute Xanax powder for the Parmesan and then I park myself on the couch with a cold rag across my head and I dream of winter.

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  1. I, too, am a summer-hater. Born in New Jersey, grew up in upstate New York, now roasting in St. Louis (whilst smelling like a grilled pork product because I am not special).

  2. I’m with you but sadly I live in Houston TX where it is has been 80 degrees or higher since April. I do not like the beach. I do not like sweating.Ice tea and lemonade are ok but that’s a southern thing even in the winter.

    The only good thing is that I run around the house in a sundress and panties (no bra) during the summer like my grandma did.

    The pasta salad looks yummy!

  3. Ever since we went to the Grand Tetons on vacation umpteen years ago, I’ve always said I want to retire in Jackson Hole. I’ll get a ranch right next to Harrison Ford and we’ll totally hang out.

  4. Oh my – I totally thought I was the only summer-hater on the planet….seems I’m surrounded by heat-loving people that I just don’t get. I’m with you: hate the pool and sunscreen and being sweaty…and well, the list could go on for quite a while. We live near Chicago, and we pretty much seal up the house from June to mid-September and put on the a/c, because the heat and humidity are unbearable. Fresh air is one of the things I miss most in summer – how ironic is that?

  5. Nope, not a fan of summer, either, for about the same reasons you stated. I get sick in the heat, which sounds like such an old person thing to say, but my body is just not used to it. It’s pale because I much prefer to hibernate until fall and if at all possible.

  6. I hate the summer too but hated it less when we lived in a house with central a/c and had a means of escape. My laborer brother in law tells me I like winter over summer because I have never worked outside. To him I say, he has never had a toddler want “uppie” in 90 degree weather. I also own zero shorts on account of my cellulite and I like to wear shoes (btw, do not care to see ANYBODYs feet – another non-perk of summer) so I will just sit here and melt and be grouchy for 12 more weeks or so.

  7. Moderate Temperatures! (Of course, I live in MN, where the cold can be bit colder than in MO.) But I don’t mind winter, I really don’t. Fall is my favorite. I look at heat and cold this way – you can add more layers if it’s cold, but if it’s hot – there’s only so much you can take off! Put another way, I am a delicate flower – I wilt in the heat.

  8. I am not a summer hater, but I am certainly not a summer enthusiast either. Especially in Australia (there are whole weeks when the temperature doesn’t get below a 100… EW).

    It’s winter in Australia (which basically resembles autumn in new england).

  9. Oh, me too! I grew up in Virginia (awful) and now live in Spokane (lovely.) Never humid, rarely above 80 degrees, no bugs whatso.

    My summer recipe, which I make at least once a week: zucchini, onions, garlic, red bell pepper, sauteed in olive oil, fresh tomatoes thrown in the pan at the last moment, served over linguini with Parmesan and basil. If I’m getting fancy I put shrimp in, but usually I don’t. I can’t wait until all these things show up at the farmer’s market!

  10. I totally, completely, entirely concur! Summer sucks–give me “crisp air and crunchy leaves” and I’m a happy little clam!

  11. Not a big fan of the summer myself. Out here in Western Washington, we are famous for our rain. As soon as the sun comes out, it’s all anyone can talk about. As for me, I prefer the grey and the drizzle (perfect cardigan weather).

  12. Well, as a Canadian, I have to say that this past winter was not *lovely* and up to last week we still needed to wear warm thick coats and on occasion my daughter requested mittens. Even so, this sudden onslaught of heat and humidity (today ringing in at 42C with the humidity factored in), I’m not so much a fan. I prefer crisp air, the smell of apples on the breeze, a warm cardigan and a pair of cords, and being able to enjoy a warm cup of coffee out on the back porch swing…

  13. how nice in the winter to throw on the big coat and cover the few extra lbs. Not in summer, it’s all out there. Summer turns my face bright red, I burn, I sweat, etc. How about the nice “toasty car” after sittin at the store parking lot. I can “sum” it all up for you in this original, thought provoking poem. Summer? -BUMMER. If summer was a person, it would be Sara Palin.

  14. I was a summer-hater until I moved somewhere where is never gets above 80. Well, maybe 85 on the most blisteringly sunny day of the year, but certainly not hot enough for anyone to bother with air conditioning. Summer on the coast of Maine is DIVINE (if you can survive the mosquitoes and black flies).

  15. cherry tomatoes
    fresh mozzerella pearls
    red onion
    cucumber (seeded)
    black olives
    fresh basil (cut into strips)
    Henderson’s Original sweet vinegar & olive oil dressing

    Summer in a bowl – fast, easy, yummy – better the second day

  16. bonus summer standby:
    grilled corn kernals or just frozen corn out of the bag
    one can kidney beans
    one can black beans
    one can white beans of your choice (rinse all beans)
    fresh cilantro (chopped)
    one jar Harry & David roasted red pepper relish
    A couple shakes of southwestern seasoning

  17. I’m excited to see so many other non-summer people in one place! Hi, people! I’m a cardigan addict, too, and also a fall-lover. And I too own two pairs of shorts, which were for hiking but never get worn… I get by with capris/ cropped jeans all summer. Love that trend that seems to be lasting– I don’t care how unflattering!

  18. But, you *can’t* overlook the mosquitoes!!! Those, plus (depending where you live) humidity, nasty biting black flies, hurricanes, and frizzy hair, (not to mention the dreaded SWEAT!) pretty much ruin the sunny months. Give me soup and sweater season any time!

  19. I’m not a big fan of Summer whch is a problem considering where I live.
    I wouldn’t wear sandals or sleeveless shirts until I can to live here but now it’s either dress apropriately or melt!
    I love to knit but it’s rarely cold enough for a scarf and hat.
    And although for 3 years I lived a 2 minute walk from the beach we went sunbathing precisely twice!

    But I do love lemonade especially when it is made with fresh lemons and fresh mint from my parents’ garden.

  20. Made a batch of your pasta salad this weekend! Thanks for the idea. I’m growing basil in a planter on my 20th floor balcony and always looking for a way to use it. (Now just tell me how to use my rosemary and my chives!)

  21. I am so with you on this subject. I HATE SUMMER! Autumn, winter and spring can stay but summer has to go! All those mosquitos, the humidity, and never being able to leave air conditioning. I long to be able to open windows and hear the sounds of outside but the humidity levels in Ohio make it near impossible.

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