If life gives you bananas, make ice cream!

I joined Pinterest about a week ago. (I believe you can see my pins here. At least I think you can. I’m still learning.)

Anyway. Sheri from The Loopy Ewe pinned this recipe for One Ingredient Ice Cream, and I was So Intrigued. (Ice cream made from bananas. Nothing more! Just bananas! It’s vegan and totally healthy ice cream that you can feed your kids for breakfast! How can anyone tell you that you can’t be whatever you want to be when there are bananas out there who are becoming ice cream?! Follow your dreams, children of the world!!!)

Before I tell you how to make One Ingredient Ice Cream, let me say this: I’m not sure why, but it cracks me up when people put frames around photos of food. I know it’s not supposed to be a comical thing, but to me? Side-splitting. Please know that as I picked up colors from within my banana photographs and created frames from those colors, I was having the time of my life. (I’ve never felt this way before.)

Let’s get started. Take four bananas, slice them up, and freeze them for an hour or so. (I went with Or So. Four hours. Also, my bananas were on the edge of darkness. And that’s okay.)


Take the frozen banana slices and throw them into your food processor. (If you don’t have a food processor, go get yourself a food processor! I have no idea how much they cost. Jeff’s parents gave us ours a few years back, because I was craving homemade salsa, which I made exactly once after receiving the food processor.) Start pulsing the bananas. Pulse. Pulse. Pulse. Fun Fact: The normal pulse rate of a Yorkshire Terrier is 100 to 150 beats per minute!

Banana Rocks!

You’ll notice as you pulse that the bananas start turning into tiny rocks and working their way up the side of the container! This bothered me, but don’t let it bother you! Just grab a spatula and scrape the banana rocks off the sides and push them back down by the blade. Continue pulsing and scraping and before you know it, the banana rocks turn into ice cream!!!

Banana Ice Cream!

Look at that! Seriously! When you’ve achieved Ice Cream Consistency, you may stop and eat. (Or put it in a container and keep it in the freezer.) However, we didn’t stop. We added a tablespoon (or more) of Nesquik (because Dutch process chocolate was too expensive and I already had Nesquik!) and a few spoonfuls of peanut butter. (Why do I want to say spoonsful instead of spoonfuls? Spoonsful? Yes? No?)

With chocolate and peanut butter!

When all is said and done, my kids would much rather go to the store and purchase a container of “real” ice cream than eat ice cream made from bananas. Me? I prefer the banana! My next batch will not hold chocolate or peanut butter. Instead, I believe I’m going to add strawberries and pineapple with maybe a touch of coconut? Perhaps a batch with just bananas and pretzels?! Imagine the possibilities!


Dogs can eat bananas, and as you know, I never miss the opportunity to share a photo of Scout, who will be four months old on Thursday! The End! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “If life gives you bananas, make ice cream!”

  1. I think it sounds delicious! And what do kids know… eh? it’s our duty to teach them (well try to anyway…)

  2. I am a spoonsful kind of gal myself, but don’t go by me; I’m almost always wrong.

    And I am TOTALLY making this, if the store has the good bananas today.

    Happy almost birthday to cone-free Scout! Rascal will be 11 months old in 8 days! I know! I’m not sure what to get him for his actual birthday next month since anything edible makes him puke. Maybe I’ll buy him a Yorkie! Or an XBox! I have no idea.

  3. I saw this recipe several weeks ago when I went online to order my weekly box o’ fruit for my cube at work. I never have extra bananas, but they swore it was tres awesome.

  4. Oh you vegans! I love you, I do, but that’s an insult to the good name of ice cream. That is frozen banana mush.

  5. I can eat 6 bananas at a time eating banana ice cream.

    I found an hour wasn’t long enough to freeze hard enough, so you were right to wait!

  6. I have tried this and love it. I do not have the necessary equipment, but a blender will do or ok, for lazy people, just mash it. It is so good. I love ice cream so it is a good substitute for the craving. If this does not work. The place in Webster, Yo My Goodness, has sugar free–very good and the kids can get the regular and put on the million toppings they have. A word of caution- very expensive. They weigh it so take lotsa $ joan

  7. I’ll take a serving of banana ice cream with a cake ball on the side, please!

  8. This idea is *very* intriguing! I always have frozen bananas hanging around–for banana bread or muffins or pancakes–this would be a good alternate use. I wonder if the addition of raspberries would work…nutella maybe? Mmmm! or add chocolate chips and call it chunky monkey?

    I have a food processor but it sits unused in my cupboard (alongside my dusty juicer)–however you may have created a use for it! Thanks!

  9. Can’t wait to share this idea with my daughter. She and I have just made a commitment to being vegan and are looking at a summer without ice cream. There are lots of (expensive) dairy free ice creams on the market, but I’m impressed with the non-processed, no-sugar-added quality of this!

  10. I made it just-banana-style the first time, then went all cocoa & PB with it the next night. Fabu! Thanks for the tip. Happy to have a treat for the kids I can happily offer seconds of and it was fun for them to watch it happen.

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