Not all fish have souls.

Cucumber Salad

It’s a big day! (For me! And Canadians!) As of today, if you don’t count one poorly-timed pulled pork sandwich (I was in Memphis! At Neely’s! I still feel guilt about that stinking pulled pork sandwich!), I have been a vegetarian for one year! As of today, I will no longer say, “I don’t eat meat.” Instead, I will say, “I’m a vegetarian.” (In my head, it takes a year for the transformation. Obviously, I have no idea what the rules are.) ((Happy Canada Day!!!))

This is my third attempt at vegetarianism, but this time around I’m noticing a difference. My two other tries often found me sitting by a steak-eating friend and thinking, “Hrm. That looks great, but I can’t have it.” This time around, I’m finding that I don’t WANT it. Huge difference.

Also on the plus side? I’m down about fifteen pounds from last year at this time, I rarely get the “My stomach hurts so badly I can’t straighten my back.” thing, and while most people shove approximately twenty seven chickens into their mouth each year (I read it online, so it must be true!), I’ve let my chickens walk. You’re welcome, chickens!

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  1. It’s like the duck dance but for the dervish-ing. And the Diablo Cody bangs.

  2. I’m a little over a year myself (my year was up in March) and this is my second go at Veg. It’s so nice to do it this time around, there are so many more options than there were back in the 80’s!

  3. Congratulations! I’m trying myself…inspired by my vegan son and daughter. (She interned at Farm Sanctuary in NY last summer) Here’s a pic of my charming daughter holding a rescued piglet that fell off the truck on it’s way to
    the slaughterhouse…lucky little pig.

    Bad cholesterol down 30 points, good cholesterol up 10! Running helped too…

    Really great veg websites and farmer’s markets make it pretty easy now don’t they?

  4. A wise preschool teacher once told me: “You can’t escape the Chicken Dance.”

  5. Happy V-Day! And I’m not sure I got down all the moves to that dance…it’s so complicated, what with the beaks and the wings and the tail-shaking and the spinning and the clapping and all…it’s the dance that never ends!

  6. Congratulations! I admit to times of craving fried chicken. To curb the craving I pick up some fresh fried tofu. I think it’s just as good. I also look at it as not about deprivation, but about eating things that make you feel good.

  7. I’m proud of you! But I’m not pleased to hear that I’m going to need to eat an extra 37 chickens this year. To keep the poultry population in check.

  8. Good for you! I’ve been veg for over 20 years now and the idea of eating meat seems incredibly foreign to me. If I ever went back to eating meat, it would be for bacon. The MorningStar Farms stuff is a poor substitute. :)

  9. Good for you, Angie! I was about to say “That must have been really hard”, but since you mentioned that you’re past the point of even *wanting* your neighbor’s steak (funny though…the Bible doesn’t mention not coveting adjacent cows…) maybe it wasn’t “hard” (for you) after all. Bottom line is that you feel good, body and soul. High five, Kiddo!

  10. The lovely picture posted here is a photo of CONDIMENTS. It is NOT a photo of a MEAL. This beautiful collection of veggies belongs on a toasted French roll. A toasted French roll that’s piled high with Italian beef. Thinly-sliced, delightfully-seasoned Italian beef.

    (My nom de plume is Lotus Face, but I bet you can guess who I am. Even though I generally loathe vegetarians, I really like YOU!)

  11. Wow! That’s quite an accomplishment! Kudos to you! I tried it several years ago, and did pretty well…until I had kids. At which point I found meat (uh, specifically, chicken nuggets…..ugh) worming its way back into our diet. And of course, there’s always the bacon issue…oy. Maybe I’m just looking for a crutch (ok, blame), but I find it so hard to do the vegetarian thing since I’ve had kids….kids who are picky eaters, and to whom vegetables might as well be toxic refuse. I have lofty aspirations — just know that. I gave up chicken, specifically, for the longest amount of time, and am, for a variety of reason, reconsidering going that route again. Anyway. Congrats again on your accomplishment. Go forth, be strong, be meatless, Ms. Pudding!

  12. probably not that many chickens in our house…we’re more of a pork and beef family…

    Congrats on being 1 year meat-friendly! And Happy Canada Day (a few days late) and Happy Independence Day (that would be today)!

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