Love that’s only slightly soiled. Love for Sale.

Scene: I’m in the shower. The girls are on their own with the puppy. The cats are downstairs plotting.

Meredith: Mommy! MOMMY!!!

Me: What? WHAT?!

Meredith: Scout just pooped on her piddle pad and it looks like popcorn!

Me: Okay! I’ll take care of it when I get out!

Meredith: You don’t understand! I think she’s trying to tell us that she wants to go to the movies!!!

It’s Migraine Week at Fluid Pudding! I’ve been able to keep it at bay for the past two days, and as I rest and take pills, the girls have been downstairs planning a garage sale. They’ve created a To Donate stack and a To Sell stack. If you want to buy our plastic baby slide you have to pay Harper eighty dollars, although it’s probably not worth more than three.

Harper: We have to charge a lot of money so people know just how important this stuff IS to us.

Me: If it’s that important, maybe we shouldn’t sell it!

Meredith: But we need money. Mommy, you should think about selling some of your jewelry—like those earrings you were wearing yesterday.

I’ll keep you updated on our garage sale. If all goes according to the girls’ plan, we’ll be selling all of our valuables for lots and lots of money. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “Love that’s only slightly soiled. Love for Sale.”

  1. Ooh, a garage sale….sounds like a great way to enjoy the weekend! Are the girls going to sell cake balls? :)

  2. I predict the girls will learn the art of the haggle. I myself have never had the patience to hold garage sales. I’ve always had tons of books in the few sales I’ve done and at the time living in areas where people “don’t reeed”. Good luck!

  3. Scout needs to come visit and go to ‘Pet Night’ at the local drive-in theatre!

  4. Oh, Angie — I *detest* this post! Was hoping you were giving up migraines for the summer. How the heck do you even begin to be a parent at home with two (wonderful, resourceful, understanding, sympathetic and independent though yours assuredly are) kids? So sorry to hear my fantasy is not your current reality :-(

    But of course, the rest of the post = cute to the second power.

  5. I am right there with you on the migraine week – it actually has been migraine month for me – for some odd reason it started as soon as school got out on June 10th and I have had a migraine one day, residual headache the next, migraine the next and the horrific pattern continues. Saw my doc this last week and am on yet ANOTHER med – this time we are trying a nasal spray. We shall see – so far – it is not working – so I am trying zumba – since apparently exercise is suppose to help – AND I am considering stopping eating meat, since reading The China Study and seeing the research on that – ugh! will the pain ever end! AND with an almost 3 year old boy and a 6 yr old daughter at home – there is NO rest for this migraine ridden woman!!! At this point I am ready to have a menopause induced coma to end migraines forever!!!

    Here’s to hoping yours ends soon!!! Cheers!!!

  6. Congrats on the garage sale, that’s an awesome idea! Do you use a Neti-pot for your migraines? I’ve never gotten them much before and have had three in the last week, it’s horrible. Have you ever seen a chiropractor for the headaches too? My husband is strongly recommending that for me, but I just keep putting cold rags on my neck and eating way too many Advil! Best of luck in dealing with it. My kids wanted to sell an old rocking horse we were getting rid of for $100 and I got them down to $12 and it sold. (Just remembered I owe them $6 each, oops.)

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