Fit to be Tied!

Here is an actual ultrasound taken of my pelvic area earlier this morning.


If you go back in time to your most recent anatomy class, you’ll realize that you are pleased to be at my cervix! Get it?! HA HA HA! Anyway, here we see my fallopian tubes, a couple of good looking ovaries, a uterus complete with endometrium, and various other parts that make up my reproductive system. (I don’t want to use the V word, because I would hate for someone to Google something that isn’t available here. In my mind, folks with questionable intentions will not be searching out “uterus complete with endometrium.” I’ve been wrong before…)

The next time you see me, my innards are going to look a little more like this:


Pretty! Yes. Tomorrow morning at approximately 8:00, my doctor will be slicing tiny holes into my abdomen, grabbing my fallopian tubes, and tying them into what I assume will be a decorative organ bow! (I bet Martha Stewart’s tubes are tied.) I’m not quite sure what to expect other than approximately three days of discomfort, but I AM hoping that my memory improves after surgery.

Because, look closely.

Elephants never forget!

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15 thoughts on “Fit to be Tied!”

  1. You’re absolutely mad. But please don’t change.

    I think in these times of craft madness… your tubes are totally on trend!

  2. It’s really amazing what you can see in ultrasounds these days. I mean, the detail alone is astonishing! And the bellybutton!

  3. Well, that was just about the most awesome set of drawings I’ve ever seen. I can’t remember if I closed the garage this morning. Maybe I need my tubes tied, too!

    If I knew I had 3 days of discomfort coming up, I’d make haste to my LYS to get stuff for a new project.

  4. I kind of want to get my tubes tied now. I think they should double knot them just to be on the safe side. My laces always come undone when I don’t double knot.

    Rest and enjoy the happy pain meds!

  5. I had my tubes tied almost 40 years ago, so I realize you might think this is a little out of date, but I have one tiny bit of advice:

    Take it VERY EASY for a few days, even though you feel fine. I felt very good after the surgery, no pain whatsoever after they discharged me, and stopped by my office the next day to go to lunch with all my friends and tell them all about what a snap it was. No problem there. But later that afternoon I stupidly figured I was completely NORMAL and took the garbage cans out to the curb because it was the day to do that.

    I didn’t realize that it was too much strain on my delicate innards and it put me in bed for several days. A doctor friend told me to think of your insides as a little bit bruised from the surgery and they need to be pampered for a bit even if you feel fine.

    So, no lifting (or pulling). Probably no running a marathon. Otherwise, you should feel fabulous. I hope you will. And never having to deal with birth control again is just one less thing you have to worry about forever!

  6. Good luck! It’s very freeing, not having to worry about birth control. I had mine tied when Moe was born, and never looked back.

    But DO pamper yourself for a few days.

  7. Good luck!

    Take it easy afterwards (when I had a laparoscopy (sp?) it took a couple of days to not have to be conscious of being gentle) and have all your meals served to you in bed.

  8. Please do study and share with us the Google search hits that result from this post!

    I think I’m a day late to this — hope you are resting comfortably and being fully pampered. If I lived there, I would bring you a Blizzard!

  9. Love your bloggity blog. You should post more often to keep me entertained all the way over here in wee ol’ New Zealand. :)

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