Snorting and Stomping

Jeff came home early from work last Tuesday because he had a terrible cold. He’s not one to jump the gun on sick days, so it really surprised me when he stayed home on Wednesday, too. On Thursday, when I started feeling heaviness in my head, I was So Angry. Friday found me home alone with the animals, who were not happy to see me cocooned in my robe on the couch sneezing and coughing and drinking hot tea and yelling things like “Jeff! Why did you DO this to ME-HE-He-he?!”

Yes. This is all about me having a little cold. Intriguing! I really need to start planning some adventures. Know that I know that.

Side note: I hate taking cold medicine. I hate the hungover feeling that comes with it. I would rather not take anything and suffer through the symptoms than swallow a pill that makes me feel hazy. On Friday afternoon, I raided our medicine cabinet for cold medicine. I could NOT fight this without help. The cabinet was empty. (It’s actually pretty full—of nail polish and magnesium supplements and some weird gauze thing and pain pills that expired back in 1996.) I called Jeff and asked him to stop by Walgreens and get something for me.

Jeff: What do you need?


Thirty minutes later, he arrived with Pretzel M&M’s, a dark chocolate Milky Way, a Twix, and some sort of Three Musketeers wafer thing. (He knows me so well.)

Another side note: A friend of mine knew that I was feeling punky, and she delivered Delhi’s Chaat (#30 on the menu) to me earlier in the day. I am terribly lucky to have people who get my need for chocolate and Indian food.

I spent most of Saturday in my bed and on the couch. I found that it helped a bit to stand up and scream, “I’m MISERABLE!” for anyone who might be interested. (Not many were interested.) I have no idea where Sunday went. I honestly have no memory of Sunday. I turned a corner yesterday morning, and celebrated by juicing carrots, a beet, and some ginger. It was terrible. I then juiced an apple and mixed it in, which took it from a level of Terrible 8 to Terrible 3. Drinkable. (I’m really trying to not be afraid of my juicer.)

Today is Tuesday. I have an itchy dog, and it appears that my cold is 89% gone.

(Thanks for all of the itchy dog suggestions, by the way. He has now been on the prescription food and the flea pills for four days, and he’s scratching more than ever. Although his follow-up appointment isn’t until Thursday, I’m going to try to get him in this morning.)

((Also, Scout got her first all-over groom on Saturday morning. She’s now clean, fluffy, and proud.))

Scout, who now looks like a Trixie!

(((Oh! I met with the principal last week about Regina and The Sex Girls (I know. Awesome band name.), and without missing a beat, he came up with a perfect solution. All is well.))) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “Snorting and Stomping”

  1. Glad that you’re feeling slightly better. Scout looks pretty darn cute (and knows it). Sorry Henry is scratching more. Really glad to hear the principal came up with the perfect solution!

  2. I like that Jeff knows how to help you fight a cold. When I was pregnant with #3 and suffering a horrible cold my husband came home from work with chicken noodle soup and a bag of mini Snickers bars. Some husbands really are a special kind of awesome.

    I am curious what the perfect solution was, and am so glad your girls have a principal who cares!

    It took one of my boys two weeks to earn a prize from the treasure chest in kindergarten. (He was apparently unable to stay seated.) He was the last one in his class to earn a prize and cried about it. I didn’t sleep for days over this. (My husband slept fine. Because he is Mr. Awesome.) School can be hard (on mothers).

  3. I thought they were called The Shady Girls? When did they become The Sex Girls? I think I missed something!

    Glad you are feeling better. Oh, the juicer. I could never get into it. The blender is where it’s at. Make smoothies! Yum!

  4. What was his solution – if you don’t mind me asking.

    Glad you’re feeling better!! I had a cold last week and it was awful. We had to travel to my brothers wedding which meant that my husband had to drive a sick wife and two dogs all the way to southern california with no help. He didn’t even make fun of me when all I ate for an entire day was ginger snaps! Such a trooper!

  5. Three cheers for Principal’s with good solutions at the ready! Please do keep us posted as to whether it’s an effective one.

    V. sorry about the code, but glad you be bedder.

    And Scout? TOTAL cuteness!

    Which reminds me — keep us posted on the calendar contest too (I know, I know…as if you wouldn’t :-)

  6. Okay, Scout is a total cutie after the groom! I don’t know how your daughters – heck or YOU – resist dressing her up. Sorry that Henry is still itchy; Oscar has the itchies right now too which I combat with benedryl, doggy spray conditioner from Whole Foods and lots of attention. He’s still itchy.

  7. When I first read this title in my reader it made me think of this cool history teacher I had who would literally snort and stomp when she got excited. Glad you’re feeling better, sorry your dog is itchy.

  8. I’m glad that you are in the 80 percentile of feeling better.

    I’m glad that your meeting with the principal went well also. I hope his plans helps and stays put.

    I thought I was feeling better, and I am for the most part. I had a moment of crazy today (well, actually all day) and thought I could be wonder woman. I was so wrong. I’m paying the price.

    Maggie has been itching for a year and a half. We have tried every treatment under the sun with our Vet (she is wonderful, by the way). Here’s hoping Henry gets some relief!

  9. Shame you can’t pass on the itchy to the mother of Regina. It is a great name for a band, for a certain value of ‘band’. As for du codd, just stay in bed, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids. And each M&Ms. Sometimes husbands rock too.

  10. For next time: 500 mg of vitamin C 4 times a day. Read it in the Dr Oz book and just ran through a whole cold in 3 days, 100% better. I did have it with homemade chicken soup, but he says those 2 plus zinc are the only things consistantly clinically shown to reduce length & intensity of a cold, so pick one and do it 4 times a day until you’re better. Like magic. And my immune system is craptastic, though going low carb in Feb may be a factor too.

    Vague memory of sesame seed oil in the bath water of our flea allergic dog. It smelled weird.

  11. Sorry I have no sympathy to offer for the cold because I have one, too, and today is all about how crummy I feel. Sorry I’m not selfless enough to stop whining and say something soothing. But I really do hope you’re better soon.

    I, too, am dying to know what the principal’s solution was!

  12. The best juice is: apple, celery, and just a wee bit of ginger…YUM!! You can add in cucumber if you want your skin to look all young and moist and shit! :)

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