I still don’t know what the white strappy thing is.

Ten years ago today, I got together with my cousins, my aunt, my sister, my mom, and my mother-in-law.

We went to Olympia, where cheese was set on fire and I did a bit of this:

Pink and Fuzzy

And a bit of this:

I have no idea what this is.

And a lot of this:

What a beautiful bride.

When it occurred to my aunt that I hadn’t had a shower that involved underpants, she threw one together two days before our wedding. Jeff and I had just driven in from Nashville a few hours before, and suddenly it was time to sit in front of my mother-in-law and open strappy fuzzy things. Afterwards, we went to Kaldi’s for chai and cookies.

Ten years later, I still love flaming cheese and chai and cookies and Jeff.

But not in that order, obviously.

(Chai will always come before cheese. In my heart, and alphabetically.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “I still don’t know what the white strappy thing is.”

  1. Happy anniversary! Ten is a big accomplishment.

    (We hit 25 this summer. And we’re still living together and haven’t actively attempted to kill each other. Yet.)

  2. Happy Anniversary! We hit 12 years on the 17th (very close to your anniversary. Smart people pick October for nuptials, obviously)! Not only was I practically a child bride (23!), but many of my bridal party actually were children so I never had any underwear party or bachelorette type shin dig. Probably for the best, I still wouldn’t know what to do with that white strappy thing in your picture.

  3. Maybe you could use that strappy thing like a macrame plant hanging basket type thing. Might I recommend a spider plant or wandering jew?

    Happy Anniversary! (and many more)

  4. Happy Anniversary! October is a grand month for a wedding ~ we celebrate ours in a couple of weeks. We are coming up on 12 years, and I have no idea what the white strappy thing would be used for either. Fortunately, knowledge (or lack thereof) of such matters is no predictor of marital success (at least in our cases!). Will you be eating flaming cheese again, to celebrate?

  5. Perhaps you should have asked the giver for a demonstration of use!

    I think I would die if my aunts gave me a lingere shower. I’m the family prude. Not that I am a prude, just private, and that’s the role in the family that has been foisted upon me.

    You’d think the dissertation topic on naked lady statues would have cleared that up.

  6. What in the world is that second thing? Don’t answer that.

    I got married this summer and my mother in law, bothered or something that I didn’t have a shower, bought me a pretty nighty for our honeymoon. That was…weird.

  7. Oompa! One always remembers their first flaming cheese experience at Olympia. Happy anniversary!

  8. My husband was standing over my shoulder as I read this and said “Crotchless panties?”

    I would DIE if I had to open crotchless panties in front of family members. Seriously. But you look amused. And now I’m craving Greek food. Thanks.

  9. Someone gave me those elephant thong underwear (for Chris to wear). I can’t look at them without laughing. Surprising that he never wears them.

    Happy Annaversary!

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