Here we are, and here we go.

Two years ago, I made a quick video to document a day in my life.

I did it again last year.

AND, here we go again.

I ate a breakfast burrito, I drank coffee and practiced fogging up my glasses, I ate a salad with beets and pinto beans (and chickpeas and regular peas and carrots), I loved up on Henry and Scout, I filled out my migraine diary for my appointment this afternoon, I gave in and ate some Halloween candy, I failed at conveying how amazing the Nook can be, I put the thumb on a fingerless mitt, and I chugged. I’m not quite sure why the video quality is sort of cruddy this year. My refrigerator is messier, as is the space in front of my toaster oven. Also, it seems that I have done some serious aging in the past twelve months. (I need to do more chugging. More chugging!!!)

I’ll see you tomorrow. And I’ll see you, too. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

19 thoughts on “Here we are, and here we go.”

  1. Love this! I laughed so hard when you were getting a kick out of fogging up your glasses. My daughter says you are funny. I agree! You always make me smile.

  2. Yeah, I’m doing the thing with the daily blogging again this year, too, mostly because I’m a creature of habit, but also because I’ve gotten lazy and need to be disciplined. So, I’m spanking myself with words and punctuation. Or something. God, the above is exactly what happens when I stop writing.

    Also, it sounds like the dude singing isn’t from here. That’s very exotic for the Midwest. If the neighbors find out that you use soundtracks involving foreign languages, they may assume that you’re putting on airs. Midwestern humility is a heavy yoke is what I’m saying.

  3. This was great. My favorite part was when you gave in and ate the Halloween candy.

    Also, when I read that you chugged before I watched the video, it just didn’t compute. Chugging? I wondered what it was. I thought maybe it was some new thing all the cool kids were doing that I hadn’t learned about yet. I was eagerly anticipating the chugging! And then, ah! Of course, chugging.

  4. @The Coffee Lady and @blackbird–I *did* make that! (I went to one of those huge salad bar things and threw it together.)

  5. That’s a lot of little things to knit! I’m knitting a scarf for my mom (that I started in June) and I have about 3 feet to go. I don’t know if I’ll be able to pull it off. This is why I made a SUPER chunky cowl for my sister last year. It took about 3 hours! Yay! This scarf, more like 3,000,000. Ugh. I’m not even considering handknits for anyone else this year. Sewn things, sure! Food? Why not? Knits? No way. I’m too slow.

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