The Parties are Over, Doris Day.

Announcement: Classroom Parties! 2 down, 4 to go! AND, today’s parties were very much okay. Of course, my style is to always focus on the glitches (kids who despise caramel, kids who HATE that I didn’t bring cupcakes, kids who were injured during the popcorn relay, etc.). I’ve made mental notes for the remaining parties (ignore the haters, continue to not bring cupcakes because I have the power to bring (or not bring) cupcakes, no more games that require athleticism and kernels). I believe four other parents (plus my mom) helped out at Harp’s party, and three other parents (including Jeff and Christy) helped out at MC’s party. Day is done, gone the sun, etc.

Wait. One more thing. I took the first graders and had them stand in a circle. I then handed one of them a ball of yarn, asked him to hold onto the end, and then toss it to the other side of the circle. The person who caught it then pinched part of the yarn and tossed the ball at someone else. The end result was a pretty awesome spider web. If I had 20 kids of my own, we would play this game every single day. (That’s just like me to go and get my tubes tied two months before finding the most incredible party game ever. Harumph.)


I’m going to go ahead and give NaBloPoMo a whirl. For those of you who don’t know what that means: It means I’ll be trying to put something up at Fluid Pudding every day throughout the month of November. Last year? Failure. (I made it 20 days before having absolutely nothing to say.) The year before? A huge success, thanks to Harper taking a hole puncher to my cat’s ear.

Anyway. We’ll see what happens. (I’ll TELL you what’s going to happen: Microderm Abrasion!!! Also, a mammogram!)

I’ll see you tomorrow. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “The Parties are Over, Doris Day.”

  1. I also did the room mom thing today. And I did have cupcakes, and fruit – but no caramel, although it was on standby in the cooler. (Squeamish teacher)
    We played games with bats, and eyeballs, and spiders, and toilet paper.
    Tonight, I drink wine and pass out candy.
    I can’t believe I still have to work tomorrow.

  2. I went to a Halloween party this weekend, and we made mummies by wrapping people in toilet paper. It was actually really fun, and pretty cheap to put together. Each team got a roll (or maybe two – some of the adults were tall) of toilet paper, and we had 5 minutes to wrap up one of our teammates. The kids loved it, and the adults did too.

  3. I always thought that spiderweb thing would be a great classroom project for freshman who are just starting to do discussion in lit classes, rather than listen to lecture, to keep better track of who discussed than trying to remember.

  4. love the spiderweb idea–and cost effective for you, oh “Spinner of Yarns”….

    Looking forward to reading you this month…we’ll see how it goes! Excitement and squishyness await…

  5. I love that web thing. I used to do that when I taught ecology classes at a zoo, but we’d give every kid an animal nametag and the yarn would go to whatever ate you. In the end, everyone got eaten. Then we’d take one species out and watch the whole web collapse as other dependent species died too. Good times.

  6. I’m still undecided about NaBloPoMo – I barely keep up with twice (usually once) a week these days. But I didn’t do it last year & kind of missed it. I’ll have to decide soon, since I still have to write today if I’m doing it.

  7. Oh, I LOVE November here at FP. Some of my favorites have come on the days you had “nothing” to say. Heck, just hearing what you had for breakfast sometimes can be an adventure! You’ll be fine — if all else fails, you’ve got those two cute doggies to tell us about now. Oh, and the occasional wacky commenter. Yup — good decision to go daily :-)

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