Whoops! That was a close one.

It’s 9:06 in the evening, and I was actually getting ready for bed when I remembered the NaBloPoMo thing.

I am destined to fail.

Let’s see. I rolled some cake balls this morning, we saw Puss in Boots, I’m just a thumb away (Mick Jagger) from finishing another pair of fingerless mittens, I won a super cute Birdday Bird from Katatomic Labs, and I just ordered a few gifts for a few teachers.

Do you want to know what I ordered? Flatpacks from Isabella Golightly! (I still use mine every day.)

It’s now 9:16, and I’m about to put up a few of my photos from Flickr! Kids and Animals on the Floor!

Felines. Nothing more than felines.

Harp and Scout

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3 thoughts on “Whoops! That was a close one.”

  1. I noticed you said “destined” to fail not “determined…..there is a BIG dfference…Just remember there is always milk if necessary..

  2. I just bought the last flatpack… that was EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for. Been searching for something like that for months. As usual, you are the fountain of all cool things

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