It’s Your Thing!

This morning Meredith presented me with a class selection sheet from which she was supposed to choose three classes she is interested in taking during the second half of the school year.

Here is the description of her first choice:

It’s Your Thing: Are you more artist or engineer? – poet or scientist? – writer or naturalist? Maybe you’re a Renaissance person like Leonardo da Vinci, and you can do it all! Find out and have fun exercising both sides of your brain just like da Vinci did as you fill your own journal / sketchbook with insights, questions, sketches, and things you wonder about while you investigate all kinds of topics from Rube Goldberg machines and juggling to music making and water painting. Select projects that pique your interest because… it’s your thing.

If they offered this class to adults, I would be there. Wearing an owl skirt, perhaps.

(Her second choice involves building robots using an RCX unit and LEGOs. Third choice? Chemistry! Fourth: Greek and Roman Studies. Fifth: Native Americans.)

((By the way, I love that the Native American class is titled They Were Here First. Because, you know, they were.))

This is completely unrelated, but you know how I am: I went down to get the mail today, and there I found the Ben Folds and WASO: Live from Perth DVD. As you read this shoddy update, please know that I’m probably sitting on the couch with a big smile on my face. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “It’s Your Thing!”

  1. Greek and Roman studies? My Young’un (fourth grade) would be SO THERE.

    I’d be in the crafty class with you, but really each option sounds great. What a great school.

  2. they get to choose classes at her age? WE didn’t get to choose a thing until grade 9! That sounds fabulous! Maybe you should make an owl skirt for MC to wear during her class….

  3. Wow! I would be right there with you. I wish I had cool stuff like that to choose from when I was in school.

  4. Wait, WHAT?? the post I commented on yesterday was actually from the day before?

    And I missed the one from yesterday completely???

    (panting, gasping, and breaking into a complete stress sweat from this NoMoBloPo thing!!!)

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