These are the nights of which Elton John sings…

Yesterday at this time, Jeff was in California. He’s now in North Carolina.

(He was in St. Louis from midnight until seven in the morning—just long enough to let the dogs out for their middle of the night thing and hang out with Meredith and I as she dealt with one of her stomach aches on top of her current runny nose/cough thing.)

The girls and I have been trifling for most of the day. We bought more special food for Henry. We picked up a fresh pizza from Papa Murphy’s. I put in three and a half hours toward my freelance job. The girls played the piano and read books and watched a bit of Harry Potter Weekend on ABC Family. I need to do some laundry. (I always need to do some laundry.)

My church book club meets tomorrow, and I suppose I should just refer to it as my book club, because it seems that my other book club has disbanded. We’ll be discussing The Elegance of the Hedgehog—a book I read with my disbanded book club over a year ago. I finished The Marriage Plot at three o’clock in the morning, and I loved it right up until the final page. (I sometimes wonder if there’s a page count issue when novels don’t end as strongly as they began.) Tonight I’ll be starting The Psychopath Test as well as a pair of fingerless mitts for Meredith’s teacher. Christmas is coming.

Hey! Tomorrow I’m going to talk about running! (I know!)

Twenty years ago at this time I was most likely applying eye liner and curling my hair.

(Shout out to Carroll, who is currently brushing her teeth.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “These are the nights of which Elton John sings…”

  1. Hey, while you’re making those mitts, can you think about answering the following knitting questions: 1. do you think you need to worry about size when making fingerless mitts? 2. Is there a pattern out there for a hat with a hole in it for a big poufy ponytail? Thanks. I mean, in your knitting time, I assume you think about other things you could also be knitting.

  2. Oh, that did it, Pudding!


    One new keyboard, coming up!

    Actually, were I blogging here, I might mention that in fact a new clothes dryer is coming up!! Along with a new washing machine!!! We went to the store for something entirely else completely. (I know!!!!)

    Sorry to hear that Mr. P is still gadding about the country. I bet he wished for more than 7 hours home time too :-(

    Here’s to Henry sleeping through the night very soon.

    (Secret confession: I am loving, and always look forward to NoMoBlahPo month at Fluid Pudding :-)

  3. goodness gracious; the surprise shout out to carroll made me incredibly happy on this terribly sad day. as did my agreement with her on so looking forward to nomoblahblahblahblarggg month at FP. love me some FP updates!

    (my sweet gramma had a massive stroke early this morning and is in a coma; she now has a fever. you made me smile. let’s all vow to smile more about life and this moment, even – especially – when it involves 4:36am fresh poop dodging. <3 )

  4. I’m with her…Carroll, that is .. then again I quite like the sound of Meredith’s fingerless psychopath teacher……only 17 more days to go…keep up the good work

  5. so you’re St Louis? my sister in law used to lived there… only a few years and I spent New Years eve 1999/2000 there.

    Went up the Arch of course. (scariest lifts EVER)

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