Whatever differences our lives have been, we together make a limb.

As you know, I started running on September 7th. I used a Couch to 5K program, and as much as I hated it, I also sort of loved it. (Honesty: I loved when the little voice in my iPod told me that the workout was over. That felt good.)

On Monday, September 19th, also known as Week Three, Day One, I took a tiny stumble. It was just a blip. No pain. I kept on running. Later that night I found that my ankle was all swollen and sore.

Tomorrow marks the eight week anniversary of that stumble, and believe it or not: My ankle STILL feels too weak to run. It still swells up at night. It still wakes me up when I roll over onto my left side.

Funny, but not really so funny: Heather Armstrong started running in August. She messed up her ankle in October. She ran a marathon a few weeks back. Also, we have the same running shoes, although I haven’t yet worn mine to run. (I ordered them a a few weeks after the ankle thing happened.)

All of this to say, Heather is a stud, and I’m starting physical therapy tomorrow morning at 9:00. My goal is to be running again before the start of the new year.

One more thing. Although I wanted to order this, I ordered this instead. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

9 thoughts on “Whatever differences our lives have been, we together make a limb.”

  1. You should have ordered both.

    I told Chris I’d run in the Pilgrim Run with him next year. I think it’s only a 5k. I don’t know what came over me really, since I loathe running. I think I just got wound up with Holiday wow. I finally live somewhere with seasons and Thanksgiving really feels like Thanksgiving. Also…I needed a nap. So I was probably sleep talking.

  2. Good luck with the physical therapy! And I love the dress you bought so so so much more than the one you wanted! In fact, I think it’s getting added to my wishlist right now…

  3. Excellent choice on the dress, FP. I feel quite sure that the frock you chose will in fact *fully* “satisfy your adoration for delicate, intricate, and eye-catching style”, yet will not limit your ability to further adorn the front (were you wont to do so) as the one with the immovable built-in swath of black would do. Of the two, the one with the pouffy posy is much more “you”

    And physical therapy, yes! Do not compare yourself to heather Armstrong, any more than you should compare yourself to Lance Armstrong were you aiming to hop onto a bike again any time soon.

    ((wondering quietly to myself why I seem to be spewing forth so many sentences in which “were” is apparently a necessary component tonight))

  4. Wow, this is weird. We hurt ourselves in roughly the same place at roughly the same time.

    Yes, it’s been a way long time and it still hurts. It’s still a major difference from my other ankle. The thing is that if I can’t exercise I go CRAZY. I need to exercise, in my utterly lame way that barely gets my heartrate up.

    I managed a yoga class.

    Elevation, ice and physical therapy. But when’s it going back to normal? WHEN?

    I feel your pain, on other words. Well, a highly similar pain anyway.

  5. Hi! I love the detailing on the second tunic better–but they are both nice. A nice long sleeved grey or black t-shirt would be fabulous under it–you’ll look stylin’! :)

    BTW: you’re still WAY ahead of me in the exercise route by even trying “couch to 5k”! Congrats on that! Wait til your ankle stops swelling–you’ll be able to put your whole self into it then without regretting starting back up!

  6. There’s nothing more discouraging than to get derailed from an exercise plan just as you’re ramping up. Hope you heal quickly and can get back at it soon!

  7. Dooce got hurt because you just can’t add that much mileage that fast. Don’t increase more than 10% a week!

  8. Not that I’m a fashion maven, but I love the dress you actually ordered. There’s something lovely and dreamy about it that just makes me wish I was my former self and could wear it. Now it’s time for people like you, who will look fabulous in it, to wear it instead.

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