Pudding Down!

You know, I rarely start things out like this, but: Damnit.

As you know, I’ve been running. I leave the house at around 5:30 in the morning, I get to the gym at 5:36, I sit in the parking lot and blow my nose 37 times because I’m one of those people who has to blow her nose 37 times in the morning, I wish myself good luck, and then I head to the track to do my Couch to 5K gig.

On Monday, I did the Week Three, Day One run, which consisted of two 90 second runs, two THREE MINUTE runs (Argh!), some walks here and there, one tiny stumble (foreshadowing!), and lots of sweating and hating of running. On Monday night, my left ankle was hurting, and was approximately the size of a knee. I decided to show it to Jeff.

Me: Does my ankle look swollen to you?

Jeff: The right one looks slightly larger than the left.

Me: Wrong. You’re wrong.

I felt okay knowing that the pain wasn’t crazy and that the swelling clearly wasn’t as intense as I thought. The next day was my No Run Celebration Day, so I spent the afternoon doing the ice thing and the heat thing. On Tuesday evening I met a friend for dinner (roasted vegetable salad!) and on the way home I stopped and purchased an ankle brace for the Wednesday morning run. (Get a load of me Not Quitting!)

On Wednesday morning, my ankle was feeling slightly unstable, but not terrible. I put the brace on and decided to be a hero. I arrived at the gym at approximately 5:41. (I struggled with the brace for about five minutes. That explains the 5:41. Just in case you were wondering.) I blew my nose. I entered the building. I greeted a friend who was already running. I did my five minute warm up walk. “Ding! Run!” I took off running and lasted for about twenty seconds before my ankle started screaming for me to stop. I sat down and took the brace off and decided to try again. “STOP! EEEEEAUGH!!!! AAAARRRROOOOOO!!!!” (That was my ankle being a siren and/or a Beagle.)

I’m supposed to run again tomorrow morning. There’s no way I can make it with my ankle hurting the way it is right now. I’m bummed. Completely. I was doing so WELL. I was actually surprising MYSELF with how well I was doing. (Please know that I’m not quitting. This is just a bump in the road.)

I just spent twenty minutes taking photographs of my ankles to show you what Lefty looks like. Wow. These ankles of mine are severely unphotogenic. You don’t need to see them. With that said, I challenge you to take a beautiful photo of your ankle. If you succeed, you have my respect for life.

Wait. Before I go? Thanks so much for commenting on my ten anniversary thing. Each and every one of you is a superstar. (I want to eat lunch with you.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

19 thoughts on “Pudding Down!”

  1. Maybe. Just maybe. You should go to the doctor. I’m just saying. You know. Cause I’m concerned.

    I have a sexy ankle pic somewhere on flickr. At least, by the number of favorites, I think it’s sexy. Most likely it’s attractive to perves.

  2. Okay – so you haven’t gone and had it x-rayed because???? seriously girl!? I would have SO been in the ER with pain like that – BTW – I sound the same way when I am in pain!

  3. You…you light up my life…you give me hope…to carry on…you light up my days…and fill my life.. with…LEVITY. Thank you, Ms. R.

  4. As someone who has made a career out of over-training in any number of ways related to physical activity, I can assure you that not only do I feel your pain metaphorically, but at some point in my past, I’ve probably literally felt the exact pain you’re currently feeling.

    Rest is the answer. You’re trying to do too much, too quickly. You have to ease into things. Give it time, but definitely don’t give up.

  5. Oh man, I am so sorry to read about this. I agree with Sir, rest it. But I am so glad you can see this just as a bump in the road.

  6. Because of all the jiggly stuff on my body (south of the border), I only run before the sun comes up or in front of the Senior Center. I figure that they won’t judge my body too harshly. Plus if I crash and burn in front of their windows, they will have something good to talk about at lunch. LOL

    Keep us posted on how you are doing. Proud of you!

  7. I sprained my ankle this summer while running to the front row for a U2 concert this summer. my boyfriend took a picture of it and I have to say, swollen ankles = not very photogenic.

    I am so proud of you for running! I started casually 3 years ago and I have 3 1/2 marathons under my belt. Bump in the road, no sweat. You rock!

  8. Go to the foot doctor before you start up again, seriously. You don’t want to push your ankle too hard! Trust me — I am a runner (still, amazingly) though I have torn my Achilles tendon in my right foot twice, and have what seems to be a permanently damaged nerve because of it. It’s a pain. (Literally AND figuratively. Look at that! See what I did there? Because it both hurts and annoys me. Oh. So clever.)

    But the moral of the story is: I did not take good care of my first injury, which led to my second injury, which led to the nerve damage. And so, I say unto you: be kind to your foot. Because those little pings of nerve pain in your ankle/foot are freaking terrible! Do not get them. The end.

  9. I agree with those who have suggested that you get your ankle checked out via x-ray! You never know what could have caused the pain, especially if it’s not getting any better 2+ days later….
    roasted veggie salad–yum!

  10. Rest, rest, rest! In case you didn’t gather that already from everyone else. But it can’t be said too much! Right?

    My own personal Beagle is my left knee.

  11. As someone who actually broke their foot in two places doing Wii, you should go have it checked out. On the bright side, you might get a stylish boot and reason to sit on your ass and each ice cream out of the carton (ice cream has healing properties)

  12. Please go get it checked out! It might take longer to get back and going again if you don’t. Oh, wait, I might get caught up to you on the C25K thing. No, really get it checked!

    Linda- I love your comment. I run early, partly to not be seen and partly because it is so peaceful.

  13. Oh Angie! Fully 30 of the more than 30 lobs I am continuously trying to lose came to visit me as a result of a badly sprained ankle back when my now 34 year old son was an infant (no kidding — baby in front carrier pouch, 3 year old pissed about having new baby to deal with, and me on crutches. Fun times!) It happened three days after I had sort of started running around the block a few times and decided I should get some decent running shoes. I went down like a stone over the edge of the curb, and never managed to re-hab it effectively because, well, see above about pre-schooler and baby in front pack — no time for PT. GO TO THE DOCTOR! DO WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS!! And, DON’T STOP RUNNING AFTER IT GETS BETTER!!!


  14. Well that sucks! I hope it feels better soon so you can keep your groove. Also, happy belated 10th! I am often behind on my internetting lately. You are, by far, my favorite blog (ger)!

  15. Not to be a downer, mostly because I don’t care about running one way or the other, but maybe it’s your body trying to remind you it’s not meant for long distance running? It’s like, STOP NOW. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

  16. I am having ankle pain too. I suspect mine is related to 1) My immense weight and 2) My salsa dancing. But I gotta dance! I feel your pain.

    PS I thank you for NOT rushing to the ER. When you are screaming in pain and can’t put any weight on your foot, THEN go to the ER. Not before. There’s a reason insurance costs are so high, people.

  17. I broke my ankle five years ago while carrying empty boxes to the curb. I also sprained my foot this year while sidestepping a chair on a friend’s porch. I almost didn’t go to the doctor this year because I could walk on it; even though it was tender and any jogging or tennis made it scream in pain. I ended up at the urgent care center where they xrayed it and then gave me care recommendations (which were close to what I was doing; but I was wearing the wrong type of shoe). Remember RICE and know that comfortable shoes aren’t the same as supportive shoes.

  18. Ok, I’m concerned by your lack of posting and am picturing a full body cast of some sort… I’m also curious about the name of your ipod training program, as I’m considering buying a stationary bike (wackiness will ensue) and was looking for some kind of trainer program that was strict, yet didn’t administer shocks when ignored.

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