Oh, the places we’ve gone.

You guys, today is my ten year anniversary at Fluid Pudding. Ten years. (This is where we started.) I wanted to do something really meaningful to celebrate a decade with you. Artistic nude photo? Yes! (No.) Video blog? My awkwardness is contagious! You didn’t come here to squirm! At the last minute, I decided to celebrate by creating something that I love.

I love burritos.

Muenster on a FlatOut

I took two slices of Muenster cheese and placed them (lovingly) on a Flatout. (When I SEE Flatout, I think “PHLAT out”. When I SAY Flatout, I say, “phlah TOOT.”)

Apples Added!

I then sliced a SweeTango and placed the slices (passionately) on top of the cheese.

Apple Muenster Burrito!

Finally, I rolled it up (as you do) and ate it.

Ten years. Some of you have been with me since before I was married.

My Wedding Dress

You stuck with me during both pregnancies.

very pregnant

And both births.

First Glimpse of Harper

You listened to me sing.

You dealt with my headaches and my eczema.

When zombies and eczema hands fall in love...

You don’t laugh when I fall down. You humor me when I knit stuff and when I sing songs about cake balls and when I make my dogs lick your face and when I stuff my own face with marshmallows.

You always make me feel like I’m exactly where I should be.

Oatmeal Pies Crumbled and Balled

You know about Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, right? Get this. I just learned that you can make oatmeal pie balls by smooshing up Little Debbie Oatmeal Pies, rolling them into balls, and dipping them.


They look just like cake balls on the outside, but when you bite into them, you are right back in elementary school and it’s snowing outside and your mom has a roast in the oven and Christmas is right around the corner.

Oatmeal Pie Ball

They’re magical. And they take less than an hour to put together. And you don’t have to bake a cake. You don’t have to bake anything!

Instead of doing a giveaway for my ten year Fluid Pudding anniversary, I’d like to ask you to do something for me. Would you please leave a comment below so I know you’re still with me? I wouldn’t be here without you, you know.

The traditional ten year anniversary gift is tin. For that reason, I dedicate this song to you.

(I know.)

Thank you for sticking around. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

177 thoughts on “Oh, the places we’ve gone.”

  1. I’m still here! Reading you all the way from London since 2003-ish. Congrats on a decade of talking to the world.

  2. Still here! Still reading and not commenting as often as I should. You make me laugh and that is lovely!

  3. I’m still with you, but if you think I’m going to watch that video and have “One Tin Soldier” stuck in my head all day, you can think again, missy.

  4. Still here since only 2008 or so, but EVERY day! And from New Zealand, which is ahead of you timewise, so I’m from the future really. So I can tell you, it’s all going to turn out all right!

  5. I’ve been reading for a few years now – you had me when I read your “about” page and saw you were Vinx fan. Thanks for writing!

  6. Oh I’m definitely here. I squee a little mini squee in my head when I see you on Google Reader because I know I will laugh and giggle. Thanks!

  7. I’m still here! Although if you keep posting things like how Oatmeal Pie cake balls, I’m going to have to stay away because my butt doesn’t need ideas like that being planted in my head.

  8. Lovingly lurking since 2002. I made a cheddar/gala quesadilla last night: just shows you how connected we are in our food hearts. FP FOREVER!

  9. Happy Anniversary! I’ve been here for a few years . . . maybe five? I hope you’ll be around for another 10 at least!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I remember you before you had children! You’ve been making me laugh for a long time!!

  11. I’m here since about 2008-2009. I think you’re really funny and I always learn something new. And that burrito looks delicious! Happy Anniversary!

  12. I’m here! I don’t know since when though. I feel like I remember Harper’s birth but not Meredith. So those are my clues. Happy Anniversary!

  13. Hello! I have been reading since pre-Harper. I think the first post I read was about how you were getting Meredith, who at that point was called MC, I think, to eat fries by sticking them between her toes. Although maybe I made that up…. Anyway… Happy Anniversary!

  14. I’m here! Still with you. I don’t remember when I showed up, but it’s been a while. Happy Anniversary!

  15. Haven’t been with you 10 years, but I do love reading you and hope you keep it up for many more years! Congrats on your anniversary!

  16. I’ve got your back! I’ve pared down my RSS feed over the past few years, but I guarantee that yours will remain. Your posts always brighten my day, congratulations on ten years!

  17. God, you are so awesome. Way to go on ten years of this blog. I didn’t discover you until this year. This is my year of new. Keep it up! Every one loves you.

  18. Happy anniversary to you, FP. Can’t remember how or when I started with you, but I love your blogroll the best of all the blogrolls.

  19. Happy Anniversary!

    I’ve enjoyed you since 2004, and I think I’m joining you on the C25k thing. I choked up on the inspirational video, too.

  20. I haven’t been with you for ten years, but I have been reading for about four. I’ve always loved your posts, and your sense of humor is biting and wonderfully quirky. Happy ten years!

  21. I’m pretty sure that when I first found you you were pregnant with Meredith. How about that! How many fruit flies were born and had complete lives and then died in that amount of time! A lot! I know sometimes you think about quitting, and a ten-year anniversary would have been a neat and tidy time to do that, but I’m glad you haven’t yet. Let’s shoot for twenty years and reassess then, okay?

  22. I’m still here! I’ve been reading since before Meredith, but not long before … I think you were pregnant when I stumbled upon your blog. Here’s to another 10 years!

  23. happy anniversary! i started reading you five? six? years ago and you haven’t lost me yet. i’m still with you and looking forward to the next ten!

  24. Congratulations! I’ve been reading you for quite some time, but not sure when exactly. When Meredith was very wee, I think. Happy Anniversary to you Ms. Pudding! I always look forward to reading the tales that you share.

    PS – we used to sing that song in grade school music class and I remember even then thinking it was a little inappropriate for my age group. On the bloody morning after? Traumatizing.

  25. Just your comment about the oatmeal balls (terrible name) put me back in elementary school and it was snowing and my mom had a roast in the oven and Christmas was right around the corner. How did you do it?

  26. I think I’ve been a reader since 2007ish?

    I love this blog because I feel like you’re someone I’d totally be BFFs with in the non-internet world. :)

    Congrats on 10 years!

  27. I’m here! I think I arrived some time during the 2nd pregnancy. It’s hard to remember. But you’ve been stuck with me ever since.

  28. Let’s see it’s been 7 years? And I always adore every post you make! :) I agree with Mrs. Kennedy, let’s shoot for 20 years eh?
    Happy Blogday!

  29. Still here! I love reading about the adventures of Fluid Pudding and her gang! I love knitting along with you and watching your kids (which are younger than mine) grow!

  30. I enjoy your take on life and will continue to visit this wild rumpus of a place. Here’s to ten + more years of Pudding!

  31. I haven’t been reading your blog for 10 years, but I’ve been reading it for at least 3 years.
    Keep writing!

  32. After all these years it somehow escaped me that your blog’s birthday and my own are the same. Yay for Virgos!

  33. I’m not sure when I started reading – sometime in between the pregnancies. My blog list has changed a lot over the years, but your blog remains. I love how you are very funny and yet have avoided being mean-spirited.

  34. Still here! Love your blog. It is nice to see that other people deal with the same issues that all parents\ families deal with.

  35. I started reading in 2003, and when I saw that you also enjoy outdoor marching band competitions in the fall, well, I knew we would have to have coffee one day. (One day we will!) Love ya, Pudding!

  36. Totally still with you, and have been since Fall of 04 (which I like to read as “aught four”) when I was moved into a different grad student office that once was the lair of my ex-boyfriend (I found my stuff in the desk drawer even though people had used it between him and me!), was trying to finish my dissertation and plan my wedding and ignore the other two guys in the office. You were my at-work distraction!

    Also, why do the valley people in that cartoon make me laugh? They are so evil!

    Also also, I regularly sing that song to my kids at bedtime, which makes my husband mumble something about my San Francisco values and how I’m turning his sons into hippie freaks. I think that’s A-OK, frankly.

  37. Happy anniversary! Did you know that you’re the reason I started blogging? True! I used to sit at my desk at the CoMo newspaper, bored out of my gourd after deadline, and there you were brightening my day. I found Fluid Pudding before Harper was born, but I don’t remember exactly how long before.

    I love Oatmeal Creme Pies.

  38. What a milestone! I’ve only really been reading blogs since 2007, but yours was one of the first and I’ve been reading ever since. Happy blogiversary!

  39. my very first comment on a foreign blog..
    I love to read here –
    Herzlichen Glueckwunsch
    for ten years blogging

  40. I just told someone that if I lost to a certain dude this week in fantasy football (contingent on what happens in the game tonight), I’d punch a nun in the face. This is what fantasy football does to (more or less) good people: It relegates them to membership in the sacred and profane family of ‘Nun Punchers’.

    Happy anniversary. Cheer for St. Louis tonight, for the face of a nun depends on it.

  41. I’ve been reading your site for a long long time, even though I don’t comment too often. Bascially, I think, since I discovered the blogosphere in 2003. Happy Anniversary!

  42. Wow! Ten years that is soooo impressive! Well done. I love it. And I am not sure which video I like of you more the marshmellows or the cereal.

  43. I haven’t been with you for ten years…maybe about five. Congratulations on the milestone. Thanks for all the writing.

  44. You are one of the most amazing people on the planet. You have this special place in my heart and you didn’t have to worm your way in there, either. All you did was just be yourself and stunned me with your awesomeness. Whether it was playing the piano, singing, stuffing marshmallows into your face, knitting, or just sitting down to talk with me…I am forever your fan.

    Happy 10 years, love. xoxo

  45. ohmygosh.Ohmygosh.OHMYGOSH!!!!!!!! Oatmeal Pie Balls?!?!!? I am going to the store tonight. I mean it. (Ok maybe not tonight but definitely on the way home from school tomorrow.) I am a serious, card-carrying, 12-step needing, full blown Oatmeal Cream Pie ADDICT. I’m not even kidding, I will eat the whole box in the span of one night, 400 calories each be damned!

    Anyway, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! We’re all still here and we all adore you…but do we all have dreams of your awesomeness? I think not. I’m a’thinking that reeks of Number One Fan-ism, am I right? (But not in the creepy stalker kind of way…)

  46. No, thank YOU! It was your video stuffing marshmallows that introduced me to Hawksley, my one true love. (Well, besides my husband, of course. You believe me, right?) When I click on over, I still say a prayer of gratitude for your writing, for your humor and for Hawksley.

  47. Boy I thought I had been reading you since he beginning, but I started through your archives and found the first one I remember: Jeff teaching you how to make his ham sandwich and 16 Pringles. And you had me. I’ve read every post since then. You are a treasure.

  48. Happy Anniversary Angela!

    I’ve been here since Meredith was about two years old, I think. I e-mailed you after you had Harper, because my daughter is also Harper (mine is graduating high school this year and hopes to attend DePaul next fall).

    I am always in awe of your knitting talent and still enjoy every single post. Here’s to ten more years!

  49. I’ve only been here for a few years, but I love you & I’m not going anywhere! Thanks for doing what you do. Happy anniversary!

  50. Thank you FP! Happened to find the “rattlesnake bit the baby” video, and found your blog after that… I comment rarely, but read every post… You’re my favorite :)

  51. My first comment. Ever. On any blog. Happy 10th anniversary! Hope my gifts to you and your girls arrived in a little brown truck a short while back …

  52. I think you were engaged when I started reading your blog. I know it was before your children were born. I’ve always found your writing delightful and your life experiences very interesting. In that entire time of reading your blog, I think I posted once. You were grinding your teeth so I recommended an NTI device because I used to grind my teeth and that cured me. We share a love of Mary Janes, so I always like your shoe posts. Congrats on ten years — I’m glad you kept writing here and didn’t close your blog down.

  53. The first blog post that I ever saw was the marshmallow one… and I thought… we’re separated at birth probably.

    Love sharing your world

  54. I have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve been reading, but it has been a Very Long Time. FOREVER. Congrats on TEN YEARS and PLEASE keep being wonderful. :)

  55. I have been reading your blog since last year (thanks Suburban Bliss). Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  56. I missed the wedding, but I’ve been following you since the first pregnancy. Congratulations on 10 years. You’re very entertaining. I love playing along from home. And I also like to pretend I might see you every time I’m in STL. Unless that’s weird. And then I don’t.

  57. OMG, The summer I was 12 years old I knew every single word to that song. Actually, now that I listen to it – I still know them. Oh brain cells, you are so wasted.

    I have been reading for a long time, years, but I’m not sure how many. From before at least one of the pregnancies, maybe both? Didn’t you shut down your blog and only have guest bloggers for a little while? I’m sure I remember that….anyway, however long it’s been, I’m still here! I always enjoy reading you and hope you keep going for another 10.

  58. I’m here and I refuse to leave. I never comment though – so every time you post just imagine I’m posting something incredibly witty. Pudding forever!

  59. Been here for a few years… maybe since before a hiatus? (Am I remembering that correctly??) Love your humor and now I have One Tin Soldier in my head and I didn’t even watch the video. Thanks a lot, Pudding!

  60. I think I’ve been reading here for… five years? Six? Since you had a tiny baby, anyway. I made your owl cozy and now I will never leave. Always Pudding!

  61. 10 years! Wow! That’s amazing! Where else would I get my knitting, cake balls, cute dogs, and funny drawing fix?

    I know I have been reading you since before Harper, but I think after Meredith (one of my favorite names, by the way, and the name of my 1st grade best friend!)

    I still can’t stand that tummy picture. Gives me the heebie jeebies every time, and I’m usually not squeamish! Scrollscrollscroll.

  62. Happy 10th! Who needs energy drinks when you’re around?! Thanks for the boost. Here’s to many more. Sorry I didn’t find you sooner!

  63. I only found you recently — I think just last year — but I went back and read a bunch of your older posts so I would know who’s who and what’s what on one of the most entertaining places on the Internet. Happy Anniversary, and thank you for your particular brand of quirky goodness!

  64. Still here, FP! I don’t comment as much as I used to (mainly since I read everything through a reader now and can’t access blogs directly from work to comment). I’ve been with you since pre-MC days, and have loved every story along the way!

  65. You were, are, and will forever be my favorite blog and my primary blogging inspiration. Congratulations on 10 years, Angela. (Seriously, choked up over here!)

  66. Happy Blogaversary! I don’t know for sure how long I’ve been reading you, or how I found you, but it seems like you’ve been part of my blog-reading world for a Very Long Time now. You are like my Seinfeld of the blogosphere, making me laugh about the silly and mundane things of life. Please don’t go off the air, so to speak, and leave me laugh-less like Jerry did! Here’s to another 10, ok?!!

  67. I’ve been here for 5 or 6 years and I’m hoping for another 10, at least! I grew up in St. Louis and you are a connection to my past and my former home, in addition to being a hilariously great addition to my present. Viva la Pudding!

  68. Still here! I am rying to remember how long I’ve been reading you … at least since before the group blog experiment. I’ll be here for another 10 if you’re up for it.

  69. I think I’ve been reading since around 2004 or 2005? Still here and plan to stay as long as you do!

  70. Take THAT all you fair-weather bloggers who moan and despair when their hits and comments go down so they stop writing and never even realize how many faithful folks were lurking around the edges all the time and will miss them like we would have missed Angela if she had stopped writing but she didn’t and we are all so SO GLAD!!!!!

    Happy bloggiversary to one of my most favorite internet friends EVer!!!

  71. Wow, ten years! I can’t think of anything I’ve stuck with that long. Congrats and I look forward to more years of awkwardness and food.

  72. Congratulations on ten years! I love your description of biting into the oatmeal balls. And that song…memories from childhood. Although I don’t know from where, exactly.

  73. Still here. Still love that rattle snake bit the baby video. Still think you’re a much better writer than Heather Armstrong. Still laughing hard and pausing to read your blog out loud to my husband. Yep, still here.

  74. I found you somewhere between Meredith and Harper, and I remembered being very disappointed when FP became a multi-person blog for a bit. I was so happy when you started writing regularly again. Happy decade!!

  75. I’m here, off and on. I think I first found your blog when you were pregnant with Meredith. Happy tin!

  76. I can’t remember how long I’ve been keeping up with you out here in West Texas, but it’s been quite a while! Here’s to another 10 years!

  77. So, yet another imaginary food. You know I only read your blog because you make up food, don’t you? I hope to be reading you in another 10 years, but I’d also like to see the nude photo (perhaps with strategically placed cakeballs?) before then… and plans for your visit to Sydney…. and…

  78. Hello! Yep, I’m still with you. Not sure how long ago I started reading, but you’re one of the few bloggers whose blog I comment on regularly (and I read a lot, so that’s saying something).
    Have a great day!

  79. Hello from London, UK Angela! Not sure I have ever commented before, but I have been enjoying your blog since 2003 and it was in fact the first blog I ever started reading! You are a delight.

  80. Been around reading since 2002 or 2003…back when I lived in St.Louis and linked in from some stlbloggers.
    You solved my stinky towel problem and entertained me through the years…so thanks!

  81. I’m here! But you better quit posting videos of sweet babies that make me cry actual tears from missing my babies. Where did they go?

  82. I “met” you when you were pg with MC, we were in the same due date month. Congrats on 10 years. I can’t seem to blog that long.

  83. I have been with you for about 7 years, ever since I was put on bedrest with my first beautiful baby girl and your blog was mentioned on pregnancy weekly – I read the account of your pregnancy and LMAO!!! Congrats on an amazing 10 years!

  84. I am here… and I love your blog… And I’m feeling pretty old since I’ve been reading this for at least seven years.

  85. Still here. :) I don’t remember when I found you, but it was long, long ago…before you had the kids, for sure. :) Happy anniversary!

  86. Let’s see, I joined in just after Harper’s birth and I have read every post since. I won a $100 Gap gift card from you. I started blogging because of you and then I quit because it.is.hard. I first saw the OK Go treadmill video when you posted it, so thanks for that. Congrats on the big 10! I lurk around and I have the bad posture to prove it so today is the day I stand up straight and say THANK YOU. You are an important person in my life even though you don’t know me AT ALL and now you’re probably a wee bit scared.

  87. Of course I’m still here. Yours was the first blog I ever read in late early 2003. I think Meredith might just have been born. I was pregnant, living abroad and looking for advice on child birth. You were the only non-alarming source of information on pregnancy and childbirth on the internet. And so funny too. Happy anniversary.

  88. Still here, reading from Los Angeles since 2005ish. I can’t believe I had forgotten about that Rattlesnake Bit the Baby song. Awesome.

  89. I’m still here! A loyal reader. I feel kind of like a creepy stalker though because my brother used to be good friends with Ben & Tempe – so I feel like I know you – although I totally don’t… and I work across the street from the VegaDeli and always think I will see you there and it will be a whole “Oh my gosh, I totally read your blog!” moment, wherein I will look like a nerd. Thus far, I have never run into you – you are probably feeling thankful for that right now. I can still keep reading the blog, though… right??

  90. Always here. Always will be. I’d show you my ankle, but I just had surgery because of an old injury I ignored and it is in a cast. Give yourself an extra day or two then try C25K again. Still in pain? Hie thee to the doctor.

    Still over here eating my Honeycrisps because I can’t find SweeTangoes. Darn you, universe!

  91. Came here a couple of years ago after watching you on Citizen of the Month’s holiday concert. I like it here – so I’m sticking around!

  92. I can’t remember when I started reading Fluid Pudding, but I feel like we could be BFF’s! Thanks for all the laughs.
    And, in your honor, I’m making cake balls for the first time today. Wish me luck! (Actually I’m going to go read the recipe for the oatmeal pie balls, and if it is easier, I’ll be doing that. I’m like that, taking the easy way out most of the time!)

  93. I am, of course, still here. And now I am remembering my own ill-advised take on “rattlesnake bit the baby”, in which I sang to my Roomba on video. Video which has been DELETED FROM THE INTERNETS.

    But still. :)

  94. Reading for two years now, from Dublin, Ireland and Fluid Pudding makes my morning cofee/blog reading session all the happier :) I’m totally with you on the ankle photos; I broke my ankle (while running! at 6am! with no phone! 3 miles from home!) and took pictures of it in all its swollen glory to send my sister and holy cow – not a pretty sight.

  95. I’m here! I loved that Rattlesnake video when I saw it probably 3 years ago or so, and I love it even more now that I realize my son is probably that exact age right now :)

  96. I’m a bit late on this one as I’m catching up after some chaos but I’m still around and enjoying your blog.
    I can’t remember where I heard about you, Ravelry maybe, but I’m glad I did.
    And you forget to mention that you played the piano for us and it was beautiful.

  97. I’m still here (late to the party as usual) – I think I started reading when Meredith and my daughter were both leetle eenfants. I still believe we might just be long lost twins… well, a couple of years apart. Of course I’m the younger one, which is how I like it.

  98. AwesomePudding,
    Congratulations on your ten years! I’m still here, but as my list of bookmark grows, the less often I visit each site.
    Thanks for continuing. You’re a wonderful writer and wonderful mother.

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