Come and join the dream that never ends.

On Friday, I sent Meredith to a birthday party wearing only a shirt and tights. (I didn’t realize her legwear wasn’t leggings until she sat down for dinner and I noticed that her “leggings” had a really strong seam up the back side, and that I could see her skin through them.) Party like a rock star, Meredith. Someday I’ll help pay for your therapy.

Speaking of which, I started physical therapy this morning. My current goal is to do a five minute walk with zero swelling. After that? A ten minute walk. When I work up to a thirty minute walk, I’m good to start running a bit. (This could take months.) In the meantime? Exercises! Some of which involve big yellow rubberbands and writing the alphabet in the air with my feet!

In other words, it’s time to stick a Ding Dong on a martini glass and roll around in some 1994.

Ding Dong!

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8 thoughts on “Come and join the dream that never ends.”

  1. Thera-bands are great and writing the ABC’s with your big toe is a standard. I hope it all helps! A ding dong sounds good. Now I want chocolate!

  2. in 1994, i wanted to stick the ding dong i was dating on *something*…a martini glass would’ve been too nice of me.

  3. Oh, it was a good, GOOD day in orthopedic land! I finally gutted up and called for an appointment to discuss something that has been afflicting me for weeks and weeks. An opening at 1:50? You mean *today*??? (That’s like winning the lottery, right? Or walking up to the register in Costco that just opened and has no one else in line yet. Yowza!) Diagnosis? Not terminal. Not likely even chronic, so let’s try steroids and PT first to see what happens. And no, walking (which I have been avoiding for months because, you know, it *hurt*) will NOT make it worse after all. Yayyyyy (to the enth degree!) I’ll think of you when they start me on those stretchy bands, FP. Here’s to our concurrent and hopefully speedy recoveries! :-)

    (Whose blog is this, anyway??)

  4. I love that Meredith accidentally wore tights instead of leggings. Here on campus or in the mall it seems that many girls at least a decade older make the same accidental mistake. In fact, I had to lay down the law with the interns I work with that “shorts are not work wear” and “leggings are not pants”.

  5. The tights and shirt thing sounds like something I would do. Like as in something I might actually wear in a fashion faux pas kind of way. Randomness: My mom says fox paw instead of faux pas. She also confuses scone and sconce.

  6. Given that TWICE in TWO WEEKS I’ve seen either the actual lady bits or the thong of two co-eds, I’d say a child accidentally wearing tights instead of leggings is no biggie. It’s the College-Aged Adult Women doing so that I worry about.

    Also, my husband points out that these sightings are wasted on me, but that he’d not mind AT ALL.

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