With a #2 Pencil to Fill in the Spaces

My Vibe: I’m still sort of cranky, sort of feeling the post-holiday whatevers, but totally excited about the link a friend sent to me on how to make hummus out of sweet potatoes. Stay tuned. Hummus is about to get very interesting at my house.

Turning Pages: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is a great choice to fit that First Book of 2012 category. I’m about a third of the way in (I read only at night, and I tend to fall asleep with the spunk of a narcoleptic), but I’m loving it. Quantum mechanically speaking, I really do believe that another me is out there being all scientific with test tubes and discoveries. Meanwhile, the me that you know will continue reading about test tubes and discoveries while choosing the best possible dog treats for puppies with sensitive digestive systems. (You can never go wrong if you remember the following: Anti-Corn! Pro-Salmon!) A friend of mine is finishing up with The Hunger Games. I have a feeling I’ll be diving in very soon.

Although it’s Tiresome, My Left Leg: After studying my MRI, the doctor discovered that I have two stress fractures and a banged up peroneal tendon that may be a candidate for a platelet injection. By the way, peroneal and perineal are two very different things, and this particular doctor wants nothing to do with matters of my perineum. Onward! I will most likely be sporting the boot for more than two weeks. This simply means that I have an immediate need for a few more pairs of cheap leggings.

Enough about my leg already. I’m drinking hot apple cider right now. Did you know that? Also, if you’re keeping track of my K-Cup situation, please know that Breakfast Blend has been eliminated from Meredith’s organizational pyramid strategy known as Last K-Cup Standing.

Football: (What? What?!) We’ve been invited to a Super Bowl party. The last Super Bowl party to which we were invited occurred nine years ago. That party was held at a ridiculously swanky loft in the city, and because I was the only person in attendance who was 1. Over 30, and 2. Pregnant, I immediately felt awkward and crabby. After sitting on a stool nervously shoveling large amounts of fancy bean dip into my face and watching a few people actually toying with the idea of DANCING (at a SUPER BOWL PARTY), my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I quickly found Jeff and asked him to take me home. He did. He then returned to the party, and I sat on our couch drinking decaf hot tea and reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius and NOT watching the football game and NOT dancing. And everyone was happy.

What I Had For Lunch: Rice with grilled mango, pineapple, and mushrooms.

Thank you for all of your comments and e-mails. I’ve been terrible lately with responding to messages. Let’s start fresh right now, shall we? (I currently have 959 messages in my Inbox. I haven’t touched 42 of them. Have you ever just deleted everything? How does that feel?) Sweet potato hummus! ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “With a #2 Pencil to Fill in the Spaces”

  1. I loved the Hunger Games. The first is the best. & I really liked Henrietta Lacks as well. Lots of fodder for discussion.

    Sorry about your foot. Glad to hear it’s not your perineum. That would be awkward, what with the boot and all.

  2. Just thought I’d let you know that I totally misread ‘Sweet Potato Hummus’ as ‘Sweet Potato Humans’ and thought – ‘wow! what an … interesting (?) craft project.’

  3. The last time I was invited to a Superbowl party it was by my (then third date) husband and we spent the entire party outside making out. 0 – 1st base in three dates? Does that make me trashy? Ha! So 13 years. We have also been invited this year… Finally, a social butterfly!

    Sorry about your ankle. Least you know that it is something and it will heal and you will again start running. Use some strength training in the meantime, then “next” time will be easier!

    I say delete the emails, why live with the pressure or guilt! I am always excited to see your name in my inbox, but it is never expected.

    k-cups, I like the 1/2 cafe… are their more…lol

  4. So, I know someone who knows someone who actually declared “Email Bankruptcy.” She was so far behind with her emails that she deleted the whole shebang, and emailed her main contacts to tell them that if they’d emailed her something incredibly important, they should resend it.

    Apparently it made her feel FREE and HAPPY and LIKE A ROWAN YARN MODEL (a little pouty, but dressed in many handknits.)

    I am considering doing this at the end of this semester. Maybe in the middle.

  5. What used to be an awesome tool (sooo much better than sending a letter by rail and steamer!) now has the power to make us just feel pecked to death. Exhausting!

    And 2 stress fractures! That poor leg was way stressed out. Does it need a therapist to talk things over with so it can learn to cope in better ways than just breaking down?

    And as to hot cider, I’ve found Numi Rooibos Chai. Like hot cider, but without the cider.

    I read Hunger Games but not the others yet. Made the mistake of reading reviews and people were disappointed. I hate series where you feel disappointed as you go on, and now I’m a little scared that I might find the next ones disappointing too. I didn’t invest owning any Harry Potter until I knew that the last book wasn’t a disappointment.

  6. The last superbowl party we went to was all the way down in Virginia, so there was the long ride. Everyone was drinking because they lived in Virginia, but we didn’t so we couldn’t drink because we had to drive (we have a pact, if we both can’t get drunk and obnoxious, the other can’t because who wants to deal with that). They were all buddies from their Renaissance Festival goings, so all they talked about was chain mail and Dr. Who (I have no idea what the connection to that is, needless to say we had no idea what they were talking about).

    The boot is your friend, accessorize it.

    I did an e-mail purge on three gmail accounts (I hoard gmail accounts) and my mac account and it was WONDERFUL. The world didn’t end, people didn’t disown me, and if it was important, people would ask again and I used the “oh, it must have landed in my spam box” excuse, even though macs don’t have a spam box, it just marks it as spam, so you still totally see it.

  7. I love this post! And the comments!!

    Also love that you remember the book you were reading 9 years ago (LOVED that book! It’s one of the very few I’ve retained ((rather than passed along to friends or Goodwill)) in anticipation of re-reading it someday.

    ((Do not respond to this comment, by the way. “Pecked to death” — I love that concept :-))

    And, Henrietta Lacks? Oh yes indeed — much food for thought.

    And speaking of food — sweet potato hummus? Why yes please, I believe I *will* be making some of that in the extremely near future.

    You are a blogging Goddess here today Angie!

    PS: I have an extremely cool stick-figure picture of a woman with a wonderful gleaming heart, wearing a boot, that an amazing friend once drew for me — want me to send you a copy? :-)

  8. I have promised my eldest that I would read the Hunger Games before the movie comes out and we would see it on opening day! She just turned 12 so I am happy to oblige with the whole excitement about reading thing! I really hope your ankle heals quickly and I am very glad your perineum is ok!

  9. Your lunch sounds awesome! I will have to try the sweet potato hummus. I hope you don’t have to be in your boot too long.

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