The chocolate chip banana bread did not last long in our house.

Banana Bread

I haven’t shared a Henry photo in quite some time.

MC and Henry

My pewter Damask is folded in half and is currently blocking on my bed. (I tried to stretch it out, but trying to even out the scalloped edges was driving me insane. You know how it is with those scalloped edges.)

Damask! Blocking!

I’ve been spending a lot of time with this thing lately. The perfect cup of hot tea every single time.


Do you remember when Harper went to that dance with Justin Bieber?

Twelve years down the road, if Bieber doesn't age, and Harper remains interested.

I finished this sock four years ago, and it STILL doesn’t have a partner. Unacceptable.

Anniversary Sock

Speaking of socks, I finished my very first pair five years ago today.

F to the MFO

We went to an engagement party today, and it was lovely. Very happy for that couple, we are.

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13 thoughts on “Sunday!”

  1. I need to knit a Damask. I need to knit a lot of things. I need more time to knit (ironically, my job is in a knitting store).

  2. How much have I missed? Harper went to a dance with Justin?! That photo does not looked cropped. I’m a little alarmed, as he’s MUCH OLDER GAH! Fill me in kplzthx.

  3. Is your paper towel roll on the thing that makes it easier to tear rather than on the thing that it should be on?! If so, I am very happy because mine is on the back of my couch and I feel less alone.

  4. The banana bread looks delicious! Do you use eggs/butter or is it vegan? I love banana bread but have been trying to inch toward veganism from my current lacto-ovo spot. Baking is tough. Since we are also gluten free, converting recipes further to vegan is taxing my limited baking knowledge. Squash, applesauce and ground flax are really my only tools right now.

  5. Yes, me too: all that busy-ness and creativity of lovely things, and it’s the roll of paper towels sitting NEXT to the holder that’s stirred me to comment.

  6. Love the matching pair of socks, but I gotta ask what is the pattern for the lone sock?
    Love the texture with the mix of lace and cables.

    I’m always looking for my next sock pattern for my Self Imposed Sock Club….

  7. can i have some banana chocolate chip bread please? Warm and yummy–it looks divine….

  8. You should really share that recipe! Looks yummy. Wish I knew how to knit…you have the most beautiful projects.

  9. Happy sockaversary to you!

    (I do believe I remember when you posted so very proudly about the completion of that project. 5 years??!)

  10. I had a sock and a half of one. I don’t know what happened with that other half, but it just sat there for years. I finally unraveled both and used the yarn to knt a hat. I finished the hat. I don’t know what it is about socks.

  11. You very kindly sent me a pair of socks several years ago, and I call them my “Autumn Socks.” They are my favorite pair! (I wear them in other seasons, too, although not so much in summer.)

    Also, I love that your kitchen counters look just like mine. I think you just saved me from looking for a therapist.

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