Still Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush

Yesterday was the GO! St. Louis Marathon. I didn’t run in the marathon, but I know at least 10 people who did.

As you know, I decided to start running back in September. I started off slowly with the Couch to 5K gig. I ran for three weeks (and hated/loved it) before busting up my ankle.

After going through physical therapy for two months, I started off slowly once again. AND, once again, I ran for three weeks (and hated/loved it) before shattering my leg in three places. (Okay. I realize three stress fractures doesn’t really qualify as shattering. We all know how dramatic I tend to be on April Mondays.)

My orthopedic guy told me to wear the big 11 pound boot for a month.

A month later he told me to wear it for another month.

A month later he told me to wear it until my leg stops hurting.

Tomorrow morning at 9:00, I’ll be seeing him for the fourth time. Has my leg stopped hurting? Sort of. (It still hurts right under my knee and my ankle has started waking me up at night again (It claims to be down on its luck and is just needing a few bucks for an inhaler for its asthmatic child. Meanwhile, its breath reeks of Mad Dog, and it won’t make eye contact with me, so I’m not sure I can trust it.).)

Anyway, if the doctor (who has been known to make jokes about infidelity) tells me to keep wearing the boot (which I haven’t worn in nearly three weeks because so what I’m still a rock star I’ve got my rock moves and I don’t need you), I’m going to find a new doctor. One that will HEAL ME. (I’ve been reading about tent revivals.) One that will get me running again. Soon. Because, you know what? I felt a few little pangs of jealousy when I saw yesterday’s photos of friends with running bibs crossing finish lines and high fiving each other—knowing that I’m still dancing around in the Can’t Even Run to the Mailbox category.

This morning when I drove the girls to school, I saw two 26.2 stickers in the school parking lot. On the way home, I passed a car with a 13.1 sticker. Seven months ago I set the goal of having a 3.1 sticker on my car before 2012.


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14 thoughts on “Still Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush”

  1. Get out of my head please (love Kate Bush).

    Oh, so that’s what those stickers mean. Kinda odd they’re on cars, I mean if you’re so into that running stuff, then tattoo it on your butt and run to work you pansies!

    Its just easier to give up and eat dark chocolate raspberry M&Ms. My poochy stomach is essential for holding up my iPad when I play angry birds.

  2. PINK!

    And okay well my cousin, who does Crossfit, says Crossfit is better than running (for fitness, etc.). I have no intention of ever doing Crossfit, but it makes me feel better about not running. Pass the kale chips!

  3. I have a 5K sticker that I have on my bulletin board at work (it seems kind of wrong to brag about going just over 3 miles when others are running 26).

    I would definitely find a new doctor. One that is more excited about getting you mobile.

    By the way, the Pink song you referenced is on my iPod running playlist!

  4. I may get blasted here, but not everyone is built for running. (I am one of those people). We all have to find the workout routine for us that keeps us healthy, and yet injury free. I think that perhaps that it may be time consider that what you would like to do may not be what you should do.

  5. The post was so funny. I love the sticker. I started running recently, too. I was doing my own version of Couch to 5K. Then I had to have laparoscopic surgery, and I still can’t imagine walking fast, let alone running. I’m really bummed out about it, especially because now my friends at working are doing the program that *I* told them about. I’m a little competitive. Anyway, I’m sure it’s Photoshopped or something, but I would totally rock that sticker on my Jetta. Also I kind of can’t believe you spelled out 10 in the first paragraph.

    QUICK NOTE TO LORI: I corrected my spelling out of the numbers! I had no idea that rule was such a rule! (I’ll miss typing the word eleven. Also, seventeen.)

  6. Oh been there. Two casts within one year because they didn’t do an MRI to start after the original break/tendon tear.

    Go with your gut. Get a new specialist. Insist upon them fixing it.

    If all else fails, we can start riding bikes.

  7. Quick note to Angela: I shouldn’t be so quick to judge because I just noticed that I typed “my friends at workING” instead of work. Duh.

  8. I just got off the phone with my mom who is having leg pain and an orthopedist wanted her to wear a boot. (Which on an active 83 year old woman is likely to end in a fall and a broken hip) She’s going for a second opinion, because “We don’t see anything so it must be a stress fracture” is bull.

  9. I have to agree with Peachy Girl regarding the not everyone is made to be a runner thing. Running is really, really hard on your body. Pain most often occurs for a reason; it’s our body’s way of telling us something is wrong. Good luck with your new doctor!!

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