Three Things for Wednesday

1. I am now the proud keeper of my medical records, and I didn’t have to pay a dime for them. This just reinforces my belief that life is so much easier when people are kind to one another. I was kind. The medical records lady was kind. As a result of all of the kindness, I treated myself to a chai latte and a naked burrito, and am getting ready to head to my favorite vegan restaurant for hummus and knitting. Today is a good day. (By the way, if you haven’t read the comments to my post from yesterday, please do. Kelly’s comment (#27) changed me. It’s always good to hear what’s happening on the other side.)

2. I finished a cotton Liesl to wear over tank tops because I’m not happy with my upper arm jingle jangle. (I’m not sure why I’m standing like that.)

Summer Liesl

This evening I’ll be knitting on a sock whose partner has been waiting for over four years. It’s time to finish what I’ve started.

3. I cannot get enough of this song.

I’m liking the entire album, but this particular song is speaking to me today. (Actually, it spoke to me at least ten times today as I made the trip to the doctor’s office and back and to lunch and back and school and back.) The way the singer handles the phrase “This I know” at 0:59 gives me happy shivers. (Sometime I’ll tell you about how Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers sang the word “right” and how the way he sang that word intrigued me so much (at age 6) that I spent days listening to nothing but the first fifteen seconds of the song over and over again—just to hear that word.) (If the acoustic live version is a bit too screamy for you, go here. So good. I love this one, too, mainly because Harper mentioned that it sounds like it could be a new theme for The Lion King.)

4. I know I said three. This one doesn’t really count. I just want to make it official that I’m growing out my hair. Starting yesterday. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “Three Things for Wednesday”

  1. I made a Fun channel on Pandora, and it has been so awesome. I guess I’m going to need to buy the entire album.

  2. I love fun, and before that The Format. :)

    “Carry On” is my favorite song on the new album, and this line? OMG, I just want to pump my fist (not something I do) and give a “YEAH.”

    “May your past be the sound
    Of your feet upon the ground”

  3. Just started a lime green Abalone for similar reasons. Now I need a Liesl… Looks great!

  4. I would like to say that Liesl appears to have some serious McGuffys. In a totally non-creepy, but I need to maybe make that too, kind of way.

  5. Yay, the sock finally gets its mate! Coincidentally I picked up the sweater that I am 80% finished with, and have been for 2 years, last night. Good week for UFOs. :)

  6. I have made four appointments to go get my ridiculous mane of hair chopped and then I cancel the morning of my appointment. I’m not intentionally growing it out I just can’t seem to cut it. Obviously this is further proof that I am coping with life like an adult.

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