Hush Hush, Eye to Eye

Every two weeks I pick up my haul at the community produce co-op.

Every two weeks I post a photo of what was included in the basket.

Every two weeks you say, “Fruits and vegetables. Awesome. Next?”

Co-op Haul, April 24th

I’ll tell you what’s next! I’ve started indulging in Vegan Tuesdays! Sadly, I wasn’t very prepared to deal with this past Tuesday’s vegan adventure. In fact, on Tuesday afternoon I ended up making a semi-desperate phone call to the Ritz cracker people to see if their Reduced Fat crackers are vegan.

Me: It’s not on the PETA list, but OTHER Ritz crackers ARE, so I’ve GOTTA KNOW! TALK TO ME ABOUT THE NATURAL FLAVORS!!!

Ritz Man: Well, the natural flavors COULD be derived from plants OR animals.

Me: . . .

Ritz Man: Nabisco won’t tell us what they are.

Me: You work for Nabisco, and they won’t tell you if the natural flavors are plants or animals?!

Ritz Man: I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Why don’t you give me your mailing address so we can send you special offers regarding some new and exciting Nabisco products?

Me: Here is your mission. Find out what the natural flavors are, and then I’ll give you my mailing address.

As I ponder the transition from vegetarianism to veganism, please know that I’m going to be relying heavily on VegaDeli. Also know that as I attempt to make our house reflect our style, I’ll be relying on VegaDeli once again.

Make Breakfast, Not War!

They’re currently selling the work of a local artist named Sandy Griffin, and I absolutely love it. (I had a serious tie going on between Make Breakfast, Not War and Make Windmills, Not War. If you’re in St. Louis, go to VegaDeli, get a bone builder juice and a raw taco wrap, and enjoy the atmosphere. Also, give me a heads-up. I’ll probably want to meet you there.)

Hey, look! Henry and Scout love each other!

Henry and Scout, sitting in a tree.

(You might think Henry’s hair is getting a little unruly. What you don’t know is that he’s auditioning for Kajagoogoo in a few weeks.)

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6 thoughts on “Hush Hush, Eye to Eye”

  1. You own it. The next meme is Pudding’s: animals auditioning for 80s bands. Go to town, Charlie Brown!

  2. Hi Angela,

    Are you familiar with Heidi Swanson of That’s my favorite inspirational source for vegan cooking. I recently made the simple tomato and ribollita soup recipes. I’ve made many others too and have even gotten my husband cooking vegan recipes from that site. Just wanted to share that… Julie

  3. Heidi’s website has both vegan and vegetarian recipes but she offers suggestions for adjusting them…oh, and two of my favorite vegan products—veganaise and earth balance soy butter, both delicious.

  4. Wow… Vegan! That is awesome! Love the 80’s flashback! I youtubed Sigmund and the Sea Monsters yesterday so my 4 year old could watch it…I am old : (

  5. Are the rest of the Puddings going vegan as well? Are they enthusiastic? Any tips on easing a nine-year-old nugget addict and a 38-year-old hot-wing-and-steak addict to the other side?

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