It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance!

Since we last spoke, I helped a bunch of adorable first graders make buttons (I helped only the adorable ones. I sent the not-so-adorable ones away.), I took a gaggle of girls out for pedicures and fondue, I talked about physical therapy vs. massage with my migraine doctor, I met up with a friend for dinner and the symphony (as a result, I now have a married girl crush on Stephen Hough), I dealt with the sparks of a migraine, I went to a school dinner, I deposited some PTO cash, I took the girls to the American Girl store so they could blast through some of their birthday gift cards, I celebrated Scout’s one year anniversary with us, I worked on freelance, and I shopped for retiring teacher gifts.

This afternoon I attended a Greek and Roman banquet at the middle school (I baked a cake this morning!), I volunteered for a bit at the elementary, and I nearly finished one of the front sides of my Acer. This evening is dinner with a friend. Tomorrow is the Australian barbecue at the middle school and This American Life Live with my mom. Friday is lunch and more volunteer time. On Saturday, I’ll be turning 42 and writing in my new tiny orange diary. Sometime between now and then I need to choose a pen. I have no complaints.

Final Hot Pants Update: I am still the exact same size as I was two weeks ago. It is now time to wash my Hot Pants and become a bit more realistic, mainly because a good friend whom I’ve never actually met just gave me an amazing deal on a few ModCloth dresses, and the dresses are a size smaller than what I normally wear. Such a challenge. (This same good friend is vegan, and she just shared some very valuable information with me: Nutter Butter Cookies are vegan. Yes! They are! I bought a package yesterday (I’ve been going vegan on Tuesdays), and every time I eat one I think about those dresses that are certainly not going to GROW in the wash.)

In 2010, my parents gave me a rose bush for my birthday. It was lovely and FILLED with roses. I replanted it, and because I probably did something incorrectly, last year it graced me with only one rose.

On Saturday, it looked like this.

First Rose of Spring

It appears that one more rose may or may not pop up in the next few days. Perhaps I’ve been listening to too much Sarah McLachlan lately, but I’m still going to say it: I would rather have one beautiful rose than seven half-ass roses. (Didn’t Sarah McLachlan say that? Am I thinking of Enya again? REO Speedwagon?!)

Can I get away with wearing my Liesl sweater over a checked dress?!

Lace and Checks?

I think it works, but I’m not nearly as good at this as I used to be. (Remind me to tell you about the blind date I went on with a police officer who really wanted to show me his bulletproof vest. And by “bulletproof vest,” I mean bulletproof vest!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

15 thoughts on “It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance!”

  1. You can be forgiven for not being around to entertain me, now that you’ve explained how busy you’ve been. But now you’ve made me tired. Moderation, my dear, moderation!

    As for the rose, I don’t know who said it, but it’s a fact that one beautiful rose is better than half a dozen half-assed ones. It takes some plants a couple of years to get settled in. Yours looks very healthy, so just enjoy what it gives you. Maybe ask your mom if there’s something you should give it (I use alfalfa meal, but I don’t live anywhere near you, so don’t know what yours need.)

    And, yes, most definitely you can wear your Liesl sweater over a checked dress. It’s adorable.

    Happy birthday.

  2. Hey! Happy Almost Yer Birthday! Wear whatever you want!

    (Last night I had to go to a very fancy-pants gala dinner at work. Over lunch yesterday with pals, we were describing what we were going to wear, and my friend said, “A skirt, and….maybe a top.” And while she meant that she didn’t know WHICH top, we all assumed she was deciding IF a top (or NOT a top). She did not show up topless.

    I think the sweater over the dress is adorable, and you’re wearing a top, so that’s good!

  3. Are you on crac? Speed? Just tell us. We won’t judge. Just want to know the secret to doing SO MUCH stuff.

    The sweater is lovely, but I wore a brown shirt with brown yoga pants today. I may not be good at this kind of thing either.

  4. One rose, if it’s the right kind of rose, (and this appears to be exactly the right kind of rose) is plenty.

    The sweater is adorable and looks great with the dress – and you look svelte wearing them.

    Carry on.

  5. 1. Sweater and dress work great together.
    2. I watched that video mesmerized and remembered that I love Chopin. I’m not much of a classical music fan, so I’d forgotten. Now I’m listening to it again.
    3. EXHAUSTING all you’ve done.
    4. Glad it was just the sparks of a migraine and not a full-fledged one.
    5. I turn 42 on Sunday! I love that our birthdays are almost the same.

  6. Wow.. you are one busy lady! How is the ankle? I think you can wear the sweater with the dress….I’d have to see it in person to really know, but the pic looks good. Happy almost Birthday!

  7. Sweater and dress look great together.
    The news preview last night said something about a new treatment for migraine (we say the m-word since just mentioning the name out loud can incite one.) I haven’t seen the piece yet, but the preview mentioned “surgery.” ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Yes to sweater. Going to steal “married girl crush” as a phrase.
    The rose is lovely. You are more sanguine than I would be- I would want MORE of those lovely roses.

  9. Happy Birthday!!! I turned 42 in November and I would have to say it felt completely drama free. So I wish you likewise, an enjoyable relaxing birthday.

    No one has ever offered to show me their bulletproof vest, or “bulletproof vest”, on a blind date. If I were you I think I would have had whoever set you up on the date, set up a bunch more just to see what crazy thing happened next.

  10. Delurking to say happy birthday. My birthday is also on Saturday and it is my daughter’s birthday too. However, I am a decade older than you and my daughter will be 21. Ah youth… Enjoy the day!

  11. Hey ladycakes! Happy belated birthday! And happy belated mothers day!

    I saw your rose bush was having issues, which is sad! So I decided to offer a bit of unsolicited advice. Because I can! Lol

    I would try pooing the rose bush like its going out of style. Do you know anyone with a small flock of backyard chickens? If so, chicken poo is literally The Shit when it comes to manure for plants. And roses need quite a bit to survive. Id try digging a small trench around the growth of the bush and pooing it. You don’t want to go right to the roots because thatll totally overload it. Or you can poo above the plant so that, when it rains, the poo slides down into the plant. Does that make sense?
    Keeping roses pooed, pruned and nicely watered might make all the difference. I definitely suggest adding a heavy layer of mulch around the plant. To help keep the water in on days between rain/watering.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    -The girl who hugs chickens

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