There’s a hole in my sniffer!

So, I talked about it back in January.

AND, I talked about it again in April.

Today I had a root beer and pickle chip lunch with a friend. One thing led to another and suddenly I found myself sitting on a table in a tattoo and piercing shop.

Well, hello there.

Sometimes you just have to stop talking long enough for a professional to shove a rod through your nose.
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26 thoughts on “There’s a hole in my sniffer!”

  1. Ate You Kidding Me!!!

    What was it like? Did it hurt? Can you take it off and on or is it permanent? What did your husband say?!!!!!

  2. Fetching. I’ve always liked that particular sort of piercing. Is the rod like a corkscrew, to keep it in place?

  3. I like your t-shirt too! :) Do your girls like your nose? Does it hurt? I would never have had the guts to go through with it–you look fab!!

  4. Ouch.
    I turned 42 in December.
    Now I’m wondering, is 42 better with a rod through your nose? Have I missed the boat?

  5. That’s what I always say. It looks great. And I did the same thing when I finally got a tattoo. Talked about it, posted, stalled, then finally did and have no regrets. What are you going to do at 50, I wonder?

  6. Oh, my. Not that you aren’t adorable with the thing in your nose but I’m old and I can only think of practical matters. What happens when you get a cold??????

  7. Awesome!!! To Grammy…I have my nose pierced 3 times, and once it has healed, nothing different when you get a cold. Until it has healed, just treat it with some TLC and extra sea salt water soaks.

  8. Happy Birthday! Did it hurt? Good for you…we are too old now not to do what we want!

  9. I LOVE it! That’s how I ended up with mine too – went with a friend to lunch, she decided to get a tattoo and I got my nose pierced.

  10. I talked about getting my nose pierced for a few months too, and then one day, just went and did it. I think for some of us, that’s just how it’s supposed to happen.

  11. Off topic? But I couldn’t figure out where else to tell you. I tried kale chips. I didn’t have anything delicious to dip them in, so I sprinkled them with garlic salt. They were scrumptious. More so than I thought kale chips would be.

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