Results! Growling! Dropping two bags of sugar! Et cetera!

The first thing is typically first: All of my biopsy stuff came back completely normal. Let’s not talk about any of that again, okay? Okay!

The second thing most often follows: Although Meredith is home sick from school today, I got really angry this morning and loaded her into the car for a cookie field trip. (My Belief: If you’re home sick, you really shouldn’t have to deal with someone else’s rage. Instead, there should be cookies and naps and television and rotini. Thus it is, and so it goes.)

And the third? I’m once again in the position where I need to drop ten (or fourteen) pounds. (I know! I’ve been all over the place with my weight this year.) Who’s in? Let’s drop ten (or fourteen) pounds together. Don’t worry. I lack the energy to make buttons or graphs. BUT if you’re in, I’m in. Starting tomorrow, because Thursdays are a great day for ACTION, I’m going to eliminate processed foods and start exercising more regularly. (Yesterday morning I ran for the first time since my 5K a few weeks back, and it went fairly well. Very encouraging.) (Yesterday afternoon I finished off a pounder bag of chocolate chips. This is unacceptable.) My jeans always tend to shrink during the holiday season. Right now, my jeans think it’s Christmas Eve. Something has to be done, and it has to be done before Halloween. Thursday! You’re either with me, or you’re against me. (I know that’s not necessarily true.)

Who else wants to start a fight club?

By the way, Meredith said the funniest thing today as we were having A Special Talk. BUT, I refuse to type it out here for fear of embarrassing her. It’s happening. Fluid Pudding is setting fire to its Mommy Blog name tag. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

29 thoughts on “Results! Growling! Dropping two bags of sugar! Et cetera!”

  1. I was almost halfway to dropping my 10-14 unwanted pounds before I had an emotional breakdown and binge-ate my way back to the 10-14 level. SIGH.

    I’m in.

  2. I’m in, too. I’ve gained 5 pounds since re-starting Weight Watchers a few months ago. I think I might be doing it wrong.

  3. Ditto. Every few years I gain 5-6 pounds and cannot get rid of it, the whole thing is crazy-making. I’ve got to get rid of at least 10 pounds, so I’m in.

  4. I’m in! Right now, I have a cold (brought on, it seems, by my strong intention to get on the exercise bandwagon this week).
    BUT – I had carrots as my crispy complement to my lunch (not chips, not fries!)
    AND – I think I might cast on Wingspan tonight.
    AND- my daughter has also had sweet and funny questions related to special talks, which I will not post on the internet, but which I did share confidentially with a couple of other moms – because they were so great and I loved that she felt comfortable enough to ask me.
    AND – I am really wondering what made you so angry?
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST – I am trying to narrow down what I am going to get for my next pair of Danskos……too many great choices.

  5. I need to lose 10-11 kg of baby weight, and I decided to count in kilos because I tend to be a little numbers obsessed and a 2 kg loss is less likely to be normal fluctuation than a 2 lb loss. Plus, it sounds easier.
    Your timing is great…I decided yesterday that something has to change, so I started a week of Paleo. Not that I think Paleo is the best thing ever, or realistic long term as a nursing mom (or human who loves to bake), but I needed a framework that eliminated my nightly triscuit and pepper jack habit. I downloaded Map My Ride a couple weeks ago because I get a kick out of seeing how far I’ve gone. If I can get myself to average 3 rides a week for 6 weeks I plan to reward myself with fancy bicycle shoes, even though they terrify me (why would I want to be ATTACHED to my bicycle)? My husband is one of those bicycle enthusiasts, so it’s probably healthier if I adopt his hobby rather than vice versa (but as a graphic designer I think he’d be a great quilter).

  6. I just last week achieved my goal weight on Weight Watchers — 25 pound loss! So I’m not signing on to your challenge, but I am with you in spirit because I now weigh what I did my senior year in high school and if I lose more everything will sag so much people will think I’m seriously ill. But I can tell you it’s way easier to drop a few extra pounds in your forties rather than much, much (more than twenty years) later.

    Good on you for protecting those delicious moments with your daughter(s) from disclosure. They are lucky girls to have you for a mother.

  7. I’m in! Have been struggling through a “too-hot-to-walk-outside” summer, and a lingering orthopedic issue of my own here. Just reconnected with two potential walking partners though, and am DETERMINED!! Ten pounds seems daunting, but should certainly be do-able by Halloween. We can all be skinny witches!

    Oh, about the private comment — agree you’re doing the right thing, but for sure be sure you write ti down for your own memory bank. I always supposed I would never forget some of those, but alas…

    And Grammy, if you happen to come back and be reading this…GO YOU!!!! Senior year in HS weight is something I suspect I will never see again in this lifetime, but you never know. Mega congratulations to you!

  8. I put on about 10 lbs last year. I need to take it off. At 42, if I don’t do it now, I never will. It will just get harder. Finally, after a chaotic bunch of years, this is a great time for me to focus on getting healthy. So I’m with you, starting Thursday I promise to renew my efforts on both the food and exercise fronts. (I, however, do not promise results. Maybe I can promise not to call it babyweight though, does that help?)

    (Glad your tests were all good! And you sound like a great mom.)

  9. (I mean promise not to call it babyweight now that my youngest is 4 1/2. I think it now qualifies as just plain extra weight.)

  10. I started My Fitness Pal about fifteen days ago and I am down 9.8 pounds. I needed to fit in my clothes to substitute and get healthier. Good luck! I still have twenty to go.

  11. I am retroactively in as of April 30, 2012! So … I will just keep on what I’m doing! But I will think of you while I do it!

  12. Me! I need to lose about the same amount. I suppose I should stop eating these cold refried beans out of the takeout container with my finger, huh? I only wish I were joking.

  13. I’m in.

    Two nights previous I ate a peanut buster parfait FOR DINNER.

    Last night, I ate a bag of Starburst Jellybeans I had been hoarding since Easter.

    This is, apparently, adulthood.

  14. I’m in for the fight club!

    Hubby and I started on Atkins last Monday. I don’t think it would work for you–about all you get to eat is meat!

    Glad your tests were all good. It’s such a relief when you hear that, isn’t it?

    Sunday night before we started Atkins we had pizza, ice cream, frozen cherry limeade, cheetos and I can’t remember what all! It’s a wonder we didn’t barf all night!

  15. I’m in! (After the holiday weekend.) ((After the littlest is back in preschool.)) (((After we finish all that BOGO ice cream I just bought.))) Totally in!!!

  16. I’m in! The kids are finally back at school and I have time to exercise. I’ve been so lazy over the summer.

  17. This might be good incentive for me to take the steps required to regain my Yoga Alliance teacher card. I let it slide last year and need 30 hours of continuing education to get it back. I vaguely remember that I really liked teaching yoga.

    Also, the first rule of Fight Club is we don’t talk about Fight Club.

  18. Just a point of information for you. Sugar is now commonly in 4 lb bags. You might want to drop 2-1/2 bags? I hope you are successful in your quest. Quests are important things to accomplish. Your Mom and I went on a “quest” for some highly recommended bar-b-que ribs a couple years ago. We were successful on our quest (after driving the necessary 200 miles) and the feeling of satisfaction is hard to explain.

  19. Am so glad the results came back well. Sorry to talk about it again. Yes I totally am on board for weight loss. Been going to Zumba. And being more aware of what I put in my body.

  20. Just got a FitBit. So now I know how little I really move. I now have a clue where the dimples on my butt came from.

  21. 15 lbs here.. so I’m in. You should make a journal of all the great things your kids say so you can laugh together about them when they are older. I should do that too!

  22. I’m in for both – weight loss and fight club!

    I am trying my fitness pal – so far it is not working – I am the ultimate yo yo dieter – I gained 20 lbs on slim fast, 10 on the Atkins – so far Weight Watchers and stress are the only diets that work for me.

  23. Last night before going to bed I did NOT eat a piece (or more) of the edges and corners of a pan of brownies I stashed away after taking the middles to a pot-luck event. thinking of the fight club pledge made me strong. And I haven’t had any today either even though I know they are there and calling my name loudly. Can’t throw them away (just can’t) Perhaps I shall freeze them.

    Also, Grandpa Pudding? How fabulously wonderful to know that he is a fellow reader. Hello, and good day to you, Sir! And congratulations on having contributed to the superb gene pool that has become the Pudding Family!

  24. I would have been joining you, but I just a couple of weeks ago reached my goal of losing 10 pounds before September 1 (started last week of May). I’m using my fitness pal (still using it to maintain and to support others). It was just what I needed to give me the focus I needed to tackle those stubborn 10 I’d been fighting with for a couple of years. I loved your comment about your jeans thinking it’s Christmas Eve! I know just what you mean. And, I’m really hoping my commitment to mfp will help see me through Christmas without shrinking my entire wardrobe!

    So, be encouraged – if I can do it, so can you!!

  25. Does cheese count as processed?

    It’s ancient! Cheese is from an ANCIENT RECIPE. They had cheese in ROME. Well, some cheese. Goat?

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