I’m in the mood for this October!

If you care to know what I’m doing today, it can easily be summed up by what’s written on the calendar. GOTR! Deposit! Call Pumpkin Run! Post Cards for New Families! Library! Harper piano 4:30! CSIP 6:00 Heights! MC piano 6:30! Target Cards x 3! Queen’s Birthday (Australia – WA)! (I’m also going to squeeze in a run and a shower.)

So, my Fight Club thing has found me at a two and a half pound standstill. I wanted to be down ten by Halloween. I don’t believe I have time for the final 7.5, so I’m going to call on my mean buddy Jillian Michaels to smack me around for a bit. What does this mean? I have removed the shrink wrap from my 30 Day Shred DVD.

I’ve been working on some tulip mittens.

Tulip Mittens!

The school’s fall festival is over, September is gone, Amy Winehouse is still dead, and here we go!

(November is looking a little rough, so I might try to give NaBloPoMo a whirl one month early. We’ll see what happens.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “I’m in the mood for this October!”

  1. Oh man. I attempted the 30-Day Shred — we did it every other day for over two weeks, and then a sinus infection knocked me off the wagon. I was so sore! But very proud of myself for doing it. Just take it easy on yourself so you don’t injure anything.

  2. I’m only 1 lb. down in Fight Club. I have much more modest goals with timing though, by spring I’d like to lose 10. Good luck with the shred, sounds intense. Report back.

    Beautiful mittens.

    Another vote yes for early nablopomo!

  3. Thanks, just reading your list for the day has exhausted me.

    Those are seriously beautiful mittens.

  4. Oh, see? I DID miss something. It’s not REALLY NoMoBlahPO this month, but you’re getting a head start. this is a good thing, because November is just ridiculous. I’ll hang in with you, Angie!

    And the Fight Club thing — I just might make it! I had a round number goal in mind, which I’m currently only about 4 pounds away from. Got back to walking (briefly) again today too, so if all goes well… Of course, I guess that means there can be no cheating with Snickers bars on Halloween this year (sigh)

    Fight on, fellow club members!

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