Lip gloss, mittens, and hot pants. As you do.

This afternoon I went to Sephora and grabbed my Buxom reward.

I then scored two super-cheap long-sleeved running shirts (super cheap = $8.96). I would have bought the super expensive shirts with their fancy-pants swooshy logo, but come on. I run so stinking fast that no one is ever going to SEE that logo. (Honestly, have you ever noticed the logo on a gazelle? I didn’t think so.)

Finally, I returned home, scooped out the litter box, ate Indian nachos, and signed us up for a free 30-day trial of Veggie Meal-Maker. (As of tomorrow, Jeff has been meat free for one month. We need options.)

Do you remember when I was doing a lot of knitting and watching a lot of Cary Grant movies? Do you remember the amazing yarn bowl that Gina made? Well, because I’m terrible with self-imposed deadlines, I’m *just now* starting to finish up on the handspun mitts I’m making for her.

Handspun Maine Morning Mitts!

The first mitt needs a thumb, and the second needs ten rows and a thumb. I’m nearing the finish line, and I’m finally enjoying knitting with my own handspun! (The thought of it was terrifying when I was first getting started on the mitts.) ((Wait! I feel the need to point out that my very favorite go-to fingerless mitten pattern is Maine Morning Mitts by Clara Parkes.)) Gina, you will have mitts soon. Hopefully before Halloween.

Later this evening, after the girls go to bed, I’m going to see what Jillian Michaels can do for me.

I’m all dressed up and ready to go.

Look out!

(I know.)

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9 thoughts on “Lip gloss, mittens, and hot pants. As you do.”

  1. I did five minutes on Wii Fit today before we had to go to a soccer game. Does that count? :)

  2. Nice lips, good. Economical shirts, good. Meat-free husband, good. Hot pants (very different from what we wore in the ’60s), good.

    Handspun yarn, breathtaking. Those mittens are beautiful.

  3. Did I pledge that I was going to be commenting every day for a month…on the **exact** day that you post your daily posts? Oops!

    In my defense, we, who normally have nothing even remotely resembling a social life, were invited (and attended!) an amazing party yesterday — on a roof! It’s been Fleet Week in San Francisco, and the Blue Angels were in town, and they flew RIGHT over this roof — the very one on which we were standing all agog, with an assortment of extremely interesting people in whose company we sort of lost all track of time so that when we finally got home, well, I just didn’t think to go blog reading, y’know?

    I am still rather in awe of anyone living in a house with views of the Golden Gate Bridge out the living room window, and views of Coit Tower out the kitchen window, and views of the rest of the whole ding dang bay out of every single other window. Did I mention it was at the top of a hill? Oh my!

    Oh wait — is NoMoBlahPo supposed to be all about *you* (since it’s your blog and all)? Again then, oops :-)

    So, how about them nachos!

  4. Oooh you had me at Indian Nachos. Do share the recipe. If any please. And Wilco. Swoon! Awesome you are posting every day. I really wish I could find stuff to talk about it in my non cooking blog. But again you have a grerat way with words. With my cooking blog I have just been to darn busy.

  5. Wait! How did I miss this post? My sister just asked me why I haven’t been on Pinterest for THREE weeks. I can’t wait to get those morning mitts and spread the jealousy!

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