Some people call it hypertrichosis. I call it awesome.

First of all, as much as I despise it when someone says “been there, done that”, I must admit that I love just how many people have been right there and have done just that in regard to my post from yesterday. We are a messy bunch, are we not?

So, I’m knitting a beard for a toddler.

I'm sideburns and a mustache away from going undercover.

When I’m done knitting the beard for the toddler, I’m going to knit one for myself. And then I’m going to sew my beard onto a knitted wool hat and incorporate it into my winter running gear.

You think I’m kidding. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

6 thoughts on “Some people call it hypertrichosis. I call it awesome.”

  1. A knitted beard is on the request list for my nephew for Christmas. It seems the thing of the year.

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