Saturday, 13/31

This morning I stomped out some freelance work while Jeff and the girls rode on a homecoming float.

This afternoon we took Henry to the vet for his annual check-up and vaccinations. While there, it was discovered that he has a yeast infection. They did tests, they prescribed medications, and we’re now $240 poorer. (He has yeast on his FEET! Please know that the next time I bake bread for you, I will no longer be asking Henry to knead the dough with his toes. Lesson learned.)

This evening I made aloo gobi and as soon as everyone finishes up, we’ll be heading out for frozen yogurt.

(Do I sound a little down in the dumps today? Maybe it’s because Avon has discontinued my favorite mascara. Yep. That’s probably it.)

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9 thoughts on “Saturday, 13/31”

  1. Oh! I thought that picture was of the OUTside of a book cover. So perfect for getting the message across during air travel!

    But, yeasty feet? Poor Henry ;-(

  2. I am behind…the Man has firewalled me at work. You have athlete’s vital signs! That is awesome!! I like Almay One-Coat Mascara. About my candidate…I lean towards the right but am a big fan of pro-choice. I am having a very hard time with the choices this time around. Did you have bloodwork done?

  3. Bathing that yeast infection in raw apple cider vinegar is also helpful. 3 times a week until it seems better then once a week until it seems under control and then once a month for maintenance.

  4. There are sooo many occasions when I don’t want people to talk to me. But I’d talk to people for some aloo gobi.

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