A year is just a drop in time.

Eleven years ago today was my final day as a Not Married.

Every year on this day, I leave my wedding ring in the jewelry box and wear only my engagement ring (and clothes, obviously). I then drop the girls off at school and head straight to the bars bedecked in a tiara and an LED male private part necklace. The necklace doubles as a straw, and I use it to suck down cocktails with questionable names. I dance and drink (and then drink some more because Baptists generally don’t dance), and suddenly I have no idea where I live and where did this ham sandwich come from? By 3:15, I’m all back to normal and ready to pick the girls up from school.

Ah, but today is a half day for the girls, and Meredith has a Staying Home Alone class to attend, and Harper needs to figure out a Halloween costume, and we’re out of dog food and apples! The necklace and tiara will have to wait in the drawer until 2013.

(Eleven years ago last night, I sat in a restaurant with my family and got caught up in a web of confusing underpants.)

I have no idea what this is.

This is my favorite time of year.

Wait. One more memory. Eleven years ago Right Now Jeff and I were sitting in the church parking lot (it was time to hang tulle and lights), listening to this song and not saying a word.

That was 4,018 days ago. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

7 thoughts on “A year is just a drop in time.”

  1. mazel tov.
    I hope you burned that hat/veil hybrid.
    then again, it might show up on Modcloth in a while… ;)

  2. That picture of you always cracks me up. I can *see* the thought bubble above your head: “Ohkayyyy. What the heck do I say that sounds sincerely appreciative about the gift of a white spider web?”

    And how is it possible that you’ve only been married 11 years. My younger son has been married that same length of time, and I would have sworn I’ve known you since before then. Such a Spring chicken you are :-)

    Looking forward to the soon-to-be-forthcoming post as to what you finally decided on for Jeff’s anniversary gift & how your big day will be celebrated. Here’s to a great one, and many more happy celebrations yet to come, Pudding people!!

  3. oh lookie! happy 11th anniversary! today is my zero anniversary. (yes we are laid out on the couch post everything, and totally going to bed now:)

  4. (Checking back compulsively to see if you’re finished with those falafels yet)

    ((Although, come to think of it, on your anniversary, I think you should get a “Bye” for NOMOBLAHPO!))

    (((Waving magic wand)))

    ((((Consider it done, and we’ll see you again tomorrow :-)))))

  5. I love your ritual for on the day before you got married. And that picture is hysterical. I think all married woman have a similar one. LOL.

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