26 thoughts on “Look in the mirror. It’s a good day to be you.”

  1. I love this! And where’d you find vegan chocolate?! Now all I need is vegan cheese, and I’m there. Maybe vegan eggs too. And vegan cheese…did I mention the cheese?!

  2. You never cease to amaze me! Love your printing/writing! Is there anything about you that isn’t cute? So happy you had a great day. Definitely need to see pictures.

  3. I love this! I think I might need to go buy some chocolate. Also, that is not what I would have thought your handwriting would look like! I can’t say that I had actually ever thought about it though.

  4. Totally made me smile. What a wonderful thing to celebrate and write about such a great day! I love your handwriting and drawings…so clever. :)

  5. Chocolate and haircut and compliments is an exceedingly good day. Coming home to a new dress and finding it fits is pretty near as perfect as it can be. Drawing your post with pens from Harper tops it off. Thank you for so much goodness all at one time.

  6. Some people might make a comment about how you should watch out tomorrow because the universe will exact its revenge for favoring you today. That person would not be me because I don’t think that is how the universe works. You had a great day because you had a great day, and I rejoice for you. Keep this day in your mind for whenever you need it.

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