I don’t want your money and I don’t want to be connected to you on LinkedIn.

Let me just say this.

My name is Angela. (My middle name is Lynn, if you’re curious. I once asked my mom why she chose Lynn, hoping she would tell me a story about Loretta Lynn. Nope. Mom and Dad chose Lynn because everyone else was choosing Lynn. Lynn it is.)

I own Fluid Pudding Dot Com, and I have five e-mail accounts at Fluid Pudding Dot Com. One is for Angela, and that is my name. One is for Angie, and that is also my name. (I go by both, and sometimes I have no idea how to introduce myself. You can call me whatever you want. I used to drink a little and then introduce myself as Samantha. It’s a free country, although some of you don’t think so. Because it’s NOT!!!! Big scowls and frowns and blaming Obama for high gas prices!!! Where was I?) One e-mail account is for Fluid Pudding when I feel like I don’t want to share my name. My kids each have an account at Fluid Pudding, mainly because they really dig Pottermore, and you need an e-mail address to sign up.

I do not send out e-mails from 3920859 at fluid pudding dot com. I do not send out e-mails from loves269 at fluid pudding dot com or helensnastycloset at fluid pudding dot com. I could continue with this list, but I’m assuming you get the idea.

All of this to say: Fluid Pudding Dot Com has been spoofed. Spoofed! As a result, a lot of people are getting strange e-mails from random names at fluid pudding dot com. Some of those e-mails say things like, “Your PayPal payment to Bernard Chastain has been processed!” When the (mostly angry) recipient of this e-mail responds to Bernard at fluid pudding dot com, I get the (mostly angry) e-mail. And then I have to say something like this:

“Hello there! I am so sorry to tell you this, but I am not Bernard Chastain. My name is Angela and my account has been spoofed. I am not selling anything, nor am I trying to take payment for anything. I am currently in touch with my website host along with the tech support at PayPal, and we are trying to figure out what has happened. In the meantime, all I can do is tell you that I’m very sorry you received the terribly annoying e-mail regarding payment to Bernard Chastain, but I can assure you that I had nothing to do with it, and I’m doing everything I can to make sure it stops.”

Also, despite what the spoofer (is that what you call someone who spoofs?) wants you to think, I do not want to be connected to you on LinkedIn. I don’t want to be connected to ANYONE on LinkedIn. I pretty much hate LinkedIn, and I’ve deleted my account there 493 times, yet the e-mails keep pouring in. (“You can’t quit me, Angela!!!” – LinkedIn)

Finally, I have no interest in purchasing or selling a Russian mail order bride. I didn’t even realize that Russian mail order brides existed outside of bad sitcoms. Oh, the things you learn when you’re spoofed.

(It has been a very strange few days.)

If you’re here because you want to punch me for sending you a weird e-mail, please wait at the back of the line. I’ll be over here scratching my dogs’ ears and hoping this all ends soon. There’s coconut milk in the fridge. Help yourself. (Disclaimer: This is not really an invitation to help yourself to the coconut milk. Please don’t come into my house.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

22 thoughts on “I don’t want your money and I don’t want to be connected to you on LinkedIn.”

  1. I’m coming to your house, but I’ll bring my own coconut.

    I’m sorry you’ve been spoofed. But isn’t that the sincerest form of flattery? Or is that something else?

  2. I’m getting spoofed too. So I feel your pain.
    I had the Paypal and helensnastycloset but no mail order bride.
    I also get the LinkedIn spoofs even though I like LinkedIn.

    And BTW I think Angela + Angie + Fluid Pudding + plus accounts for two girls = 5 accounts. Sorry the bookkeeper in me just couldn’t resist.

  3. Sorry about the spoofing! I hope it gets resolved soon.

    I have some extremely delicious chocolate soy milk in the fridge right now that I’ll bring when I pop over later. (It’s ok to pop over as long as you provide your own beverage, right? ;) )

  4. I made it so that anythingnotanemailaddress@mydomain.com doesn’t go to my default mailbox. It just gets bounced. For that reason and because spammers will just put random stuff at the beginning once they get ahold of your domain. If somebody replies to a spoofed email, it will bounce and hopefully they’ll be like, oh, guess that wasn’t real! Your hosting provider should be able to hook that up for you.

  5. I still have a “bar name” when I am out. It’s Beverly, but you can call me Bev. I go through the same thing with my name. My real name is Michele Christy, my mom gave me the nickname, Mitzi from birth. I also go by both.

    It makes me sad that you are getting spoofed. To think that is something that people do as their “job” makes me angry. These people must have no morals. (inside joke, but also true)

    I don’t have coconut milk, but do have coconut oil at my house.

  6. I do not have a domain name – so as far as I know, I cannot be spoofed (although I can be satirized, which is something else entirely – ha- just kidding, no one is satirizing me). Actually, I don’t really understand how the spoofing works, so maybe I can be spoofed. I dislike Linked In because I dislike hearing from a bunch of people that I maybe met once, or who attended a conference I attended even though I NEVER met them. I end up ignoring a lot of people, and then I feel bad – and why should some stupid computer program make me feel bad. Blech!

    Sorry about your troubles with the interwebs…..someone recently said that there should be a special circle in Dante’s hell for computer hackers and the like…..I think I might agree.

  7. Your disclaimer at the end has me cracking up! But then I worry and think, sheesh, I hope no crazies show up at your door. Hang tough, Angie/Angela/Samantha. Soon enough this will be a distant (albeit annoying) memory.

  8. I hate linkdin. Seriously… but I can’t decide if I hate it more than ancestry.com who keeps sending me e-mails addressed to my dead father… frankly I hate ancestry.com even if they sent me e-mails because they send out gazillions of e-mails per day, and there is no escaping them either.

  9. Thought something might be going on – when I access your page I get this big “WARNING, unsafe content” banner.

    Meh. This cannot be so, I say to myself. This is Angela. She sits at the cool table in my mental high school.

    Glad to hear you’re not evil. That would ruin my entire day.

    I have granola cookies. They’d go great with your milk.

  10. Sorry about the creeps who think it’s some kind of fun to make nice people like you use any part of your day to try to correct their vandalism. It is vandalism.

    I have three e-mail accounts. One is my “real” one, that I let family and a couple of closest friends use. Another is through my ISP, which I use when I order anything from a retail establishment, either online or brick and mortar. The third is one of those free accounts from one of the prominent free e-mail account givers, and that’s the one I use when signing onto blogs or news sites where I want to comment. I’ve found those in the third category are the source of 95% of the offers of sexual apparatus designed to increase my pleasure or sexy singles in my neighborhood who are awaiting my reply, warning me that someone just performed a background check on me, or telling me that my check has arrived at some place I have never heard of.

    I also get spoof e-mails at that third e-mail address that tell me there is something wrong with my PayPal Account or that my package has been delayed. Because they know that most people use Pay Pal and order and send things through the mail, they probably cause grief to a lot of people. But I know that I never, ever give out that e-mail address to a retail establishment or a delivery carrier or to Pay Pal. So I don’t have to click to see if there’s a real problem — if it’s in that inbox it’s bogus. Period.

    That’s why I used the third e-mail address when I signed into Fluid Pudding. I almost wrote you recently to tell you what my other one is because I so much enjoy your writing, but resisted because I know it’s not YOU who sends out crap, it’s bad guys who go through you or pose as you because you are a good person and they are not.

    I would volunteer to be an Internet Vigilante, but I would probably end up shooting myself in the foot. I hope your time is your own soon.

  11. oh, and my middle name is Lee…. can you get more Southern than that? Judi Lee, pronounced Jude a lee….egads! maybe i’ve been spoofed?

  12. Spoofers, hackers, and all those other troublemakers sure take all the fun out of being online, don’t they?

    I want some of Pharmgirl’s granola cookies…

  13. What a drag to deal with. As I am very un-techie I can’t really understand the issue…but it sounds like a lot of time dealing with someone else being a big jerk. Sorry.
    I didn’t have a bar name, although back “in the day” we sometimes went out and spoke only in really bad french accents. (?) What that was about…I can’t even remember.

  14. Yep..Anne or Lynn were what I call the “filler names” of girls born in the 70s. That sucks about getting spoofed or hacked or whatever those crazy kids are calling it. This too shall pass…

  15. P.S. …..I wish my middle name was Anne or Lynn. My parents made mine up. I hate it….not telling

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