Stirred and strained. No olives.

Some People (including me): Love and Equality! Little Pink Equal Sign on a Red Background!

Some People: What is this, this little pink equal sign?!

Some People: Love! Marriage! Equality!


Some People: God also said ‘Don’t eat pigs.’ How are you doing with that? God said ‘Don’t get divorced!’ God said you have to marry your brother’s wife if he dies! Et cetera and on and on and spitting with anger, which is never a good idea!!!

Some People: BIBLE!

Some People: YES!!! LEVITICUS!!! ALL of it!!! Changing times!!! Thomas Jefferson!!!

Some People: UNBORN BABIES!!!!

Some People: What?

Some People: God hates what you’re doing to the world.

Some People: Um, actually? I’ve talked to God a lot about this and He encourages me to love and to be kind.

Some People: UNBORN BABIES!!!

Some People: Honestly, not all of the folks who want their gay friends to be able to marry also want babies to die.

(Side Note: Seriously. I know this to be true. Also, you can be a Christian and still vote for The Democrat, and just because you vote for The Democrat doesn’t mean you should have to spend the next four years defending your church/religion/etc. (not that I don’t WANT to defend my church/religion/etc.). It’s just that I would rather talk about knitting or spinning or tea when we’re out enjoying lunch—unless you’re truly interested in my church. Oh. Wait. Back to Fluid Pudding.)

Some People (including me): Psst! Love! Equality! Changing equal sign to a heart now to remind myself to love EVERYONE despite how much they throw rocks at each other. Telling myself that I’m glad my name isn’t used the way God’s name is sometimes used. “ANGELA says a man should refrain from sex during a woman’s period!”



Comments off. Because I’m taking the kids to get cupcakes today, and my mind is not changing and neither is yours and we either agree or disagree and I see trees of green and red roses too, and I see them bloom for me and you.

And I think to myself. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>