I’m only happy when it rains.

It rained this morning and I had the windows open and a candle burning and the kitchen and bathroom sinks were clean and the jeans were in the washer and the dogs had been taken out (several times) and I’m without freelance until next week which excites me for one minute and then bums me out the next.

I’m drinking tea called Weight to Go! and I no longer care if it “works” because I’m finding that it tastes sort of delicious and that’s really all that matters. (Also, and this DOESN’T matter, but the tea is just so PRETTY. Apples and strawberries and they plump up in my tea thing and what a Wednesday.)

This entry is not sponsored in any way, although I would get the Teavana logo tattooed onto my rear if they would offer me an unlimited supply of tea for a few years. I had a fun chat with a woman yesterday about ads and knitting and sponsored posts and bloggy ugliness and I really do wish it would be easy just to get all of my favorite people from the internet together for lunch. (Three of us met for lunch a few hours back. We had been trying to make this work since 2012. Schedules are tricky, but weird tofu soup and fun friends? Worth the wait. 100%.)

I keep getting these online coupons for cleaning teams, and I’m about an inch away for asking for a cleaning team for my birthday. What I REALLY want is to go away to a cheap hotel for a weekend and come back to find my house completely clutter free. So many paper piles. So much stuff. I know we’ve talked about this many times before, but now I’m actually considering pulling out that ridiculous Fly Lady book and doing the fling thing that everyone seems to love.

I’m not happy that spring is here. I know that’s weird, but I absolutely love the fall and the winter, so seeing the buds on the trees and feeling like it’s too warm for a scarf is starting to get under my skin. I’m back on the Zyrtec and I bought a stick blender and I’ve been trying to learn how to give myself manicures and all of this is to prepare myself for the next six months of heat. It’s not making me any happier. (I really suck at the whole manicure thing, by the way. I have no idea what I’m doing.)

Yes. I know how ridiculous I sound. Spring and I have a complicated relationship. Don’t even get me started on summer.

This evening I’ll be knitting with Tempe and tomorrow I’ll be seeing a friend and Friday is being kept completely open and Saturday is a Big Day. To celebrate her upcoming tenth birthday, I’ll be taking Meredith (and Harper, and perhaps one of Meredith’s friends) to a salon where Meredith’s tips will be bleached out and dyed purple. She has been wanting purple hair for quite some time, but I refuse to let her bleach a stripe. Tips are different. Tips can be cut off when they start looking not so great. After the purple hair, we will walk down the street and eat pie. When we return home, Jeff and his dad will have filled my raised garden bed with soil, which means it’s time to start thinking about kale and cauliflower and radishes and tomatoes and basil and pulling out the juicer and spring.

Spring. Hhhhhhhh. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

8 thoughts on “I’m only happy when it rains.”

  1. I love the teapot aka “tea thing” video.. I watched it three times. That alone and the pretty tea would makes me want to switch from coffee to tea.
    can’t wait for our next lunch.. goal is to keep it in 2013..

  2. The price of cleaning teams has dropped dramatically over the last several years, because it’s one of the first things that people cut when budgets are tight. We started with a “living social” like deal, and then got a really reasonable quote for regular cleaning. I absolutely LOVE having a cleaning team – it gives us time to other things we’d rather do, like cook good food, or go to kid activities, or sit and knit, etc. HOWEVER: full disclosure – in order to get the most out of the cleaning team, you have to “tidy” before they arrive. For our family – this is a significant time commitment in the day before the cleaning team arrives. HOWEVER THE SECOND: it is totally worth “tidying” for two reasons. 1) Eventually you make headway, and the overall tidiness of the house, and the cleanliness of the house improves with repeat visits. 2) For me, a person who is neither a skilled cleaner [no toothpicks dipped in bleach for me!] nor a motivated cleaner, they do a very good job on a more frequent basis than I probably would of cleaning certain things (see also: wiping down the front of the stove). FINALLY – the happiness that results, I think, is disproportionate to the cost. Put another way – having a clean house, cleaned by someone else, makes me really, really happy!!! I can’t wait to hear more about your garden – we are doing a city garden plot this year, and cauliflower and tomatoes are on our list, for certain! Finally, I am super-envious of Meredity’s dyed tips. I really would love to have some funky color, but my job is not really the sort of job that would be very accepting of that, so……I’ll just live vicariously.

  3. I was wondering about that soup but forgot to ask how it tasted. We have to meet again before 2014 (I cannot believe it is 2013, it still seems like the 90’s were last month).

  4. Meredith, who is already gorgeous, will be magnificent with purple tips! One thousand Mom Points to you!

    I dream of a cleaning team. (Literally, I think.)

  5. The stick blender is one of the greatest inventions of modern life! Quick, easy, a snap to clean and put away.

  6. Oh the secret shame of loving the rain. My favorite days are when it is gray outside and the house smells like fresh, warm bread, laundry, candles and a little bit of bleach. Did you know that some people suffer from SAD in the summer months? I’m already missing my sweaters and clogs and favorite jeans. So happy to find out I’m not the only one who dreads the scorching months ahead.

  7. I have my Friday free too and I am hoping to get soil for our raised beds that have been sitting empty since last summer. I hope all goes well!

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