One of Those Weeks

The past week was terrible for so many reasons. Boston. West, Texas. One of Jeff’s favorite people in the world met death. A friend of our family lost their parent. Another friend heard some bad news at the doctor’s office. (Don’t get me started on the Senate.)

If cursing doesn’t offend you, go read this. Because: Yep.

On Monday evening, as the girls took their piano lessons, I finished the shawl I started in February. I took the final stitch off of the needles as I listened to the woman at the next table talking on the telephone and puking out lines like, “I’m just glad *I’M* not in Boston right now.” Honestly.

Lace and Stripes and My Groovy Neck

(The shawl is Annis from Knitty, and it will be auctioned off in May. I’ll keep you updated.)

Yesterday afternoon the girls and I planted lettuce and tomatoes and peppers and peas and sage and basil and dill and cilantro and strawberries. Shortly after the lettuce went into the ground, Scout took it OUT of the ground. Less than an hour later, Jeff took measures to ensure that would not happen again.

Garden, with dog.

Sadly, we tend to discriminate a tiny bit when it comes to four-legged friends. This little guy, who is currently hanging out behind our main fence, can have all the lettuce he wants.

Bunny. Unfiltered.

This morning I lost my head in a Fit of Cranky. As a result, my family went to church without me, and I sat on the couch and stared at the wall for an hour. Afterwards, I finished cleaning off my bookshelf.

Bookshelf. Tidied.

It bothers me a bit, because it’s starting to not hold as many books as a bookshelf should. (How many books should a bookshelf shelve if a bookshelf could shelve books, etc.?) My top-shelfers are still there, mainly because most of them are signed. As far as the knitting and spinning books go, I kept only the ones that I pull out fairly regularly. The remainder? Journals, address books, books I’ve marked up, Gilmore Girls DVDs, New Yorker stuff, and a basket of yarn.

Speaking of which, this arrived in the mail on Wednesday.

Fiberphile "Wine Tasting"

It reminds me of Meredith’s hair, and it will eventually become one of these.

I hope you made it through the week. Let’s all drink hot tea and knit. Mad Men starts at 9:00. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “One of Those Weeks”

  1. This week can go participate in conjugal activities with donkeys. I have never been so ready for a Monday in my life. Onward.

  2. I am always impressed at your ability to buy yarn & already know what it will become. I still buy yarn without a plan in place for it.

    Here’s hoping the upcoming week is better for everyone.

  3. This Friday I got to meet my third baby boy at 10:04 pm. On Saturday his brothers came to meet him at the hospital. Today we came home. Everyone is doing well, and I can say for sure that it was a trying week, a sad week for the world, and it ended with great happiness and much joy for our family. I am holding on to that. Because sometimes that is the best and only thing to do.

  4. I hope this week is so much better. Love the shawl you finished and the one you will start. Such talent! :)

  5. I had a long bad week this week too, and this morning I rolled over in bed, shut off the alarm, and hoped that the Lord would still love me if I worshiped by staying in bed all day. And I did. 2 naps, lots of toast. Hope your next week is better. My workload is about to lighten up and I’m looking forward to having the energy to get my house back in order and enjoying some spring. Whew.

  6. It was a horrible week. Spring break here, and I spent much of it shooing the kids out of the front room so that I could watch the news.

    That Onion article said it all. Hoping for some Normal this week.

  7. Both shawls are lovely. Cranky visits me too often. And I personally cannot wait till BBC’s Sherlock returns.

  8. Stephanie – Congratulations. I got to visit a baby this week, and truly, it was balm for my soul – having a new one in the house, just that much more wonderful!
    The Onion article. As usual, they hit it on the nose.
    I see Middlesex on your bookshelf. One of the best books of all time, in my opinion.
    Finally -tea and knitting. I have resolved to drink more tea, and right now a cup of Sleepytime with honey each evening is really adding peace to my world in very tiny, but meaningful doses.

  9. I wish I knew how to knit. I shall hem, sew, mend and (if I ever get any time) cross-stitch instead.

    And yes–a minimum of 3 people I knew passed on this week. Saturday we had to make a choice which to go to–what a decision.

    Hugs. Let’s have some tea.

  10. Game Theory! I had completely forgotten about them until you posted this. Thank you! I’m sad that Scott Miller has died. They were my favorite band in high school. I think I might even have their cassette somewhere…

    It has been a very rough week. I’m going to try to find “Hey Chardonnay” by Game Theory now and maybe even have some chardonnay while I’m at it.

    I love your shawl! I just started the Juneberry shawl and I’m a little scared.

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