You can’t spell reunion without Urine On.

Do you remember five years back when you helped me choose an outfit for my twenty year high school reunion? And then I actually WENT to the reunion and experienced Sweet Victory when I found that the girl who didn’t like me in high school is now a horribly mundane Poison lyric dancer?

My 25th high school reunion is coming up on Saturday. (Tupac Shakur died when he was 25. It’s really weird to think that I graduated from high school an entire Tupac Shakur ago!)

Will I be attending my reunion on Saturday? I will not. (I just spent nearly twenty minutes trying to type out WHY I won’t be attending, but an explanation that includes phrases like “pitiable purple sequins” and “me with my terrible eye contact” and “the drunks just get drunkier” isn’t really a nice explanation, and if you don’t have something nice to say, well, Pitiable Purple Sequins it is, and Pitiable Purple Sequins it goes, Bambi.)

Let’s get sidetracked! The Tour de Fleece is happening right now, which means spinners from around the world are making yarn as bicyclists are racing around France.

Do you want to see what I’ve completed so far? Do you? If you stick around, I’ll reward you with my 1988 senior photo! I will!

Here goes.

264 yards of fingering weight (also known as sock weight) BFL/silk along with a mini-skein made while I practiced chain plying.

Tour De Fleece, Day Five

Also, 610 yards of lace weight (or maybe light fingering) Polwarth. This is the best yarn I’ve made, and I need to once again give a shout out to Tempe for explaining fractal spinning to me.

Greenwood Fiberworks Polwarth

What’s currently on the wheel, you ask? Sock weight Cormo!


I’ve gathered you here today to talk about how it’s time to heal our women, be real to our women, and if we don’t we’ll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies that make the babies. Keep ya head up, Tupac.

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23 thoughts on “You can’t spell reunion without Urine On.”

  1. I am wildly impressed by the spinning, Angela. Seriously! Next thing we know you’ll be jetting off to New Zealand to take shearing lessons, and then…oh, but wait…do you need a permit to keep sheep in St. Louis??

  2. I am so glad that you attended our 20th high school reunion as we were able to reconnect after too many years of not connecting. My life is a much happier place with you in it. I heart you.

  3. Love the yarn, your spinning skilz are impressive!
    Love the photo too but the today-You seems to have more fun.

  4. yesterday my therapist told me I needed a new hobby/activity before I go completely insane…. now I think might need to look into spinning!

    PS: you totally have to change your mind and go to the reunion because this time, you have ALL The MOdCLoth DRESSES!!!!

  5. I’m opting out. Social media gives me a comfortable level of re-connection with that very unpleasant chapter of my life. There are three (maybe four) people I would actually like to visit with face to face (you’re on my list, by the way) but not in this setting. I’ve emotionally lopped off that period of my life and going back would be too difficult for me.

    So they can call me a jerk, stuck-up or whatever, I don’t care. I’m an adult and I choose not to put myself through all that mess. Contrary to TV talk-show wisdom, some issues are better left on the shelf in that dark, cobwebby, skeleton-filled closet of the past.

    Meanwhile, I hope the Familia Brinski and the Puddings can get together for coffee (or tea) and conversation sometime soon.

  6. That picture. That hair. Oh My.

    I’m on the planning committee for my 35th college reunion. I suggested that the slogan be ‘It’s been 35 years! OMG! WTF?’

  7. Pitiable Purple Sequins is my new band name.

    I love the yarn you’ve been spinning these days (figuratively and not figuratively).

  8. Very pretty yarns. And – I went to my 5oth (!!!!!!) H.S. reunion recently, and it was fun, surprisingly.

  9. I am not going to our 25th reunion either, but along with Linda, am thrilled that you attended our 20th. Your picture brought back so many memories…and the pearls :) Very Molly Ringwald!

  10. Went to my 20th reunion – didn’t go to my 30th, as I was off at a wine festival with my 2 daughters & a son-in-law. (Yes, I am that old.) I felt like I got the better end of the stick at the 30th. I don’t honestly know if I’ll attend any future reunions or not – I hear that they get better, and people don’t automatically gather in their high school cliques, but are just glad to meet people from high school all over again.

  11. Do you have a favorite resource for learning to chain ply? I keep trying and keep failing miserably. Even the Sarah Anderson video on YouTube isn’t helping.

    Polwarth makes me happy.

    I’m not going to my 20th reunion for this very scientific reason: I don’t wanna.

  12. When I graduated from high school, our Latin teacher gave us this perfect nugget of advice.
    “Don’t come back. We will have moved on, and you will only appear pathetic.”

  13. That yarn is beautiful! If you ever find that creating it is so fulfilling that you couldn’t knit it yourself, and you want someone else to knit it, let me know.

  14. I love that yarn Polwarth yarn. It reminds me of Neopolitan ice cream although on second look is it green more than brown? Either way, it is beautiful and I’m so impressed. I’m not brave enough to post my senior picture anywhere publicly. I was also class of ’88, but I’ve not heard of a reunion this year. I went to the 5th, but that was it. I skipped the 20th and would’ve skipped this one if it was actually happening. Thankfully, I think we both look better now than we did 25 years ago! :-)

  15. I’m glad you came to the 20th as well. It is great to have reconnected. Lots of powerful feelings about reunions on here. : ) It actually was fun to talk to everyone last night. Then again I would have fun talking to the fence. You were missed and a few people asked about you. One man in particular decided we needed to play priest and confessional. I was the priest. He decided to ask me lots of questions about you and let me know he had a crush on you but he was to shy to ever let you know that. He didn’t talk about sequins of any color. What I found most humorous about this diatribe is that someone in high school didn’t like you. Even more humorous that there was only 1 and you feel vindicated by listening to her “Pitiable”ness. Obviously she didn’t have the smarts in high school either. : )

  16. Masterpiece Theater! Snort! (It was actually that noise I make when I laugh unexpectedly and try to stifle it)

  17. Class of 88! Our reunion is reportedly being planned…

    The rainbow yarn at the end…sigh! You could make something fun for my 9yo who likes rainbow-colored things so she doesn’t have to choose just one color. It’s lovely!

  18. Ha ha ha ha! I’ve got that picture with that hair! Except my chair was rattan and my dress was red. Rawr.

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