Proof is twice the percentage of ABV.

The following things happened in the period of time between the last time we spoke and right now.

Inspired by Karen (as always), I attended a henna party at my cousin’s house.


As a result, I now have a tree growing on my left arm.

Tree on the sheets...

I waved goodbye to my kids as they jumped out of the car to embark on the types of adventures that third and fifth graders tend to embark on. (You know, the types on which they tend to embark? On which! And Onward!)

3rd grade!

5th grade!


After spending the summer not going to the lake and not running, this morning I went to the lake and ran.

Egrets? I had a few.

I then went to the grocery store and purchased green onions, avocados, graham crackers, and chocolate icing. I have no photo to prove this to you, so please enjoy Meredith’s new shoes. It’s her final year in elementary school, and anything goes.

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7 thoughts on “Proof is twice the percentage of ABV.”

  1. They are so cute. I miss those days — but I can re-enjoy them through your blog!

  2. I missed my opportunity – they had henna artists at my children’s school carnival (quite a few families of Indian heritage – and some moms volunteered). I was too stressed out about the carnival (I HATE carnival) to get one myself. For next year I have resolved to chill the heck out, and I think henna is probably the exact right solution!

  3. You RAN!?!?! Congratulations!!!! You must be so excited to be back.

    Before I moved back home from Cairo, I had some gorgeous wedding designs done in black henna and I wish I could do that every couple of months.

    We should totally grocery shop together!

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