Some say it’s an aphrodisiac, which explains why I don’t have a pencil, yet I’ve been drawing a crowd.

Lately, I’ve had the feeling that I need to smell more like Patchouli, and I know it’s said that one either loves Patchouli or HATES Patchouli, but I’m here to tell you: That’s just not true. A few years ago I hated Patchouli. A few months ago I smelled some fresh Patchouli in an herb garden, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Did you know that Patchouli has been proven to prevent female moths from adhering to male moths?! I have no idea what that means for me!

Anyway, a little over a week ago, I decided to jump on Etsy and search out Patchouli. After spending nearly an hour searching for scents, I came across Modern Ritual. Holistic Products for Modern Hippies. Perfection.

Three days later, Sexy Hippie arrived in my mailbox.


Sexy Hippie

It is amazing and I smell like I should be at Burning Man, and I really SHOULD be at Burning Man this week, so the timing couldn’t be more perfect. (AND, just so you know, the scents Social Butterfly and Optimism are on the way to my house right now. The timing of THIS arrival is sort of crazy because less than four hours ago I met with my migraine doctor, and she put me on a new headache preventative which doubles as an anti-anxiety drug. (Don’t even get me started on how much I hate the idea of taking a daily pill. I’m not a daily pill taker. Um, until tonight. When I take my first daily pill.) ANYWAY, when this pill officially kicks in, I may or may not lose the sharp edge that tends to make me flinchy in social situations, and if I DO lose the edge, I will have no idea if it’s the pill working or the Social Butterfly perfume. Please Be My Friend: If I suddenly start posting that I’m hugging people enthusiastically and/or considering hooking up with a burlesque troupe, please talk me down. (Or don’t. Perhaps it’s time to stop going gentle into that good night. Maybe I’ve been going gentle for entirely too long. Social Butterfly to the rescue!)

Anyway, I smell good. Really good. Maybe even TOO good because I’m not sure how much is too much of a good thing.

Speaking of which, I ate an entire package of these on Saturday.


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13 thoughts on “Some say it’s an aphrodisiac, which explains why I don’t have a pencil, yet I’ve been drawing a crowd.”

  1. I also did not anticipate being a daily pill-taker, and then my thyroid said “HAHAHAHAHAHA no.” It felt really weird at first, the daily pill. It becomes not-weird pretty quickly, and then it becomes so automatic that you (I mean I) sometimes think you’ve taken your pill when you haven’t, and then you (I mean I) may find yourself shopping for cute pill organizers.

    Like this!

    Or like this!

    Add one of those fruit jellies to the pill organizer while you’re at it, they look delicious.

  2. I am one of those who believed patchouli is evil hippie stank, but Jonniker argued with me, saying that real, high-quality patchouli is lovely. I spent some ridiculous amount on a tiny vial of real patchouli and she’s right – it’s light and grassy, not head-shop-smelling at all.

    My etsy perfumer is Roxana.
    Her Vespertina scent has a hint of patchouli and it is spicy and mysterious. I love it.

  3. I want to hear more about your new migraine med. Mine is now being marketed as a new weight loss drug! I also take something for anxiety; so if there is something out there that does both I want to know!

  4. Oh yes, please tell us about your new migraine prophylactic! And Charlene, would you mind sharing yours as well? I was just talking to my doctor today about trying a new preventative since my beta blocker isn’t cutting it anymore. I’m on track to give Topamax a try but am nervous.

  5. I don’t care for patchouli, so I’ve got nothing there. Curious about the migraine prophylactic, as well. Topamax helped with reducing number of migraines for awhile, but made me really, really stupid. My neurologist said, “yeah, we call it dopamax.” Topamax is my guess as the weight loss drug, too. It really did help suppress my appetite–a side effect I did not mind one bit!

  6. First of all, how could you not eat a whole bag of that stuff? Secondly, whenever I see cacao written in any form, I think of that Portlandia skit.

    I am indifferent to Patchouli. I can love or hate it depending on the person. I think I would love the stuff you bought because of all the citrus stuff in it.

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  8. Ok, so I read the title and then read the whole blog post, but because the title had the word “pencil” in it, fixated on that and couldn’t concentrate… because I found that the new Sharpie liquid pencil is THE most perfect pencil in the world (yes, I’m in therapy for pen/pencil/handbag hoarding)

  9. Patchouli or not, go for wearing less. Scent should be that subtle little thing that makes people wonder what smells so good. If you tease them with scent, people will gravitate towards you instead of moving away with a look of pain.

    Good luck with the migraine meds!

  10. Topamax is my migraine drug with riboflavin and amitryptaline (sp?) However I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but I do also recommend having your thyroid; estrogen; and adrenals checked as I did find out that I was hypocrisy thyroid and that did contribute to my migraines so thus adding the riboflavin and other B vitamins as well as less gluten and other groitenous vegetables etc. I am a lousy speller which is why I teach music and not English *grin*

  11. Patchouli makes me think of my bestie from high school. Who started to get Patchouli candles for his dorm room in college. Gosh I miss him. Hope your migraine meds help! I get them so I understand.

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