I’m not a fan of street corn, and here’s a story about a grasshopper.

I went out to my car last week and found the largest grasshopper I’d ever seen hanging out on the hood.

Me: Hey there! If you need a lift, I can take you over to school. BUT, I need to stop by Walgreens first if that works for you.

The grasshopper faced forward and let the breeze blow into his compound eyes all the way to Walgreens. (This post is not sponsored by Walgreens, although I’ve now mentioned them three times.) Anyway, when I parked the car, the grasshopper was still holding on.


Me: I’m just grabbing a vitamin water. You can wait right here if you want.

He waited. When I started the car to head off to school, he faced forward again.

Five minutes later when I pulled into the pick-up line and turned off the car, the grasshopper paced the hood for a bit and then jumped onto the parking lot and into the flower bed. I have to admit, I got a little misty because it felt like I was sending a child off to college. (I guess it didn’t REALLY feel like that, but I *did* get a little emotionally attached to the grasshopper. He was so charming!)


The funny thing? For the next few days, anything my heart desired came to me.

(I know Jiminy was a cricket and this guy is a grasshopper. I know crickets and grasshoppers are different (Crickets hear with their legs. Grasshoppers hear with their abdomens. Crickets? Nocturnal. Grasshoppers? Diurnal!), but they all belong to the order Orthoptera, which means they share a common ancestor and WHY CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG?! Seriously, humans. I’ve about had it with some of you and your lack of compassion and your inability to care for anyone who isn’t just like you and oh! Suddenly, I’m no longer talking about grasshoppers.)

My cardigan is coming along nicely. Before the end of the weekend, I should be done with the back. Then it will be on to the sides, the sleeves, the cuffs, the collar, and seaming. The goal? Thanksgiving, but I’ll take Valentine’s Day.


This afternoon I’ll be meeting up with a friend to have our jewelry traded out at the tattoo place downtown. It’s starting to feel a bit like fall, which means I probably need to have a black opal in my nose and a soy chai in my hand. (Anything your heart desires (within reason) and so on? Manifestable!) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “I’m not a fan of street corn, and here’s a story about a grasshopper.”

  1. I thought we were going with the flat disk…..I suppose I won’t push the flat disk, though, because you will probably end up wanting it again, and that just means we can make another trip to Grand for jewelry switching and tea. :)

  2. What does that mean, “jewelry traded out”? That’s not a phrase I hear on the farm, and also? Not feeling the oneness with grasshoppers, given the amount of damage they do to crops. And fiberglass window screens! They will eat their way right into the house if given half a chance. And I’m clueless to know how to reduce their chances, so I need to have some screens repaired/replaced. Sigh

  3. You should get a sapphire! Also, from previous post, patchouli gives me an instant migraine! That and cigars. Sorry about the Effexor. Grasshopper had some serious clingability! (my new made up word!)

  4. This post should have had a grasshopper warning in the title. Ick–they are my most feared insect (second feared insect: horned tomato worms). I have had panic attacks from encounters with them.

  5. I had one on my windshield last weekend from my mom’s house by Chain of Rocks, for the 20 minute ride down I-70 to my house on The Hill. I got a little worried about him once we hit I-44. I’d kind of become attached and didn’t want him mashed on a windshield. Do you think this is a thing now? Like teenage grasshoppers being hobos and hitching a ride to a different hood?

  6. Nice of you to give the grasshopper a ride.

    I’m knitting a sweater in the round and nearly to the arm pits. But sadly I’ve been here before (last week) and had to unpick a large portion. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen this time!

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