I don’t mean to make anyone angry, but I’m really close to being over halfway finished with my Christmas shopping.

Here is my advice: Tell yourself that you’re going to have surgery in December and you need to get this stuff taken care of so you can recover gently and happily on the couch with hot tea in hand and Meg Ryan on the television. Ready, set, go.

This is what I’m going to be doing five more times between now and February. Meredith has joined a co-ed volleyball team and I’m all high on it.


When I was a kid, my cousins and I spent quite a few Saturdays sitting on the driveway of my grandma’s house and burning leaves with magnifying glasses. This morning, Harper grabbed a magnifying glass and got to work on some leaves in our back yard. My grandmother would have been proud. (And then she would have offered up some chocolate cake with white icing.)

Disco Inferno

This arrived in the mail today, and suddenly I’m wanting to thank people for a thank you card. I know that Emily Post would probably shake her head at me, but still.

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4 thoughts on “Saturday!”

  1. Ohhhh, Christmas shopping! I’m actually starting to panic a bit, but maybe your readers/friends can help. Anyone have a good lead on some *really* inexpensive (as in previously loved and going to Goodwill soon if no one else wants them, but willing to barter for banana bread and homemade mustard) <–(not to be eaten together, please!!) doll clothes for a 16" baby doll? I just missed out on two eBay auctions of stuff that would have been perfect & I'm so bummed. Far too thrifty to pay full price for new outfits, and far too little time between now and the holidays to become that grandma who makes all the doll clothes. Our little grandsweetie is expecting a baby brother in March, so clearly she *needs* to have a baby doll. I've found the body, but it probably should have a few clothes to wear before she unwraps it on Christmas morning! (Sigh) I always *thought* I would be "The Grandma who Makes the Doll Clothes".

    Anyway, good for you for being so on top of things, Pudding Mama!!

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