What’s not scary? Puff pastry, that’s what!

Before this evening, I had never used a ramekin and I had never fiddled around with puff pastry.

Tonight, on my parents’ 49th wedding anniversary, I made beefless wellington potpies. In ramekins. With puff pastry.

Beefless Wellington Potpie

(The recipe is in Betty Goes Vegan, and my only alteration was to leave out the wine. No regrets.)

Because I was able to scratch Ramekin and Puff Pastry off of my imaginary life list, I’m feeling all fired up to do a few more things that I’ve never done before.

1. Wear a mini skirt with ripped up tights to a giant spicy pickle hunt at the grocery store.

2. File a restraining order against Corey Feldman.

3. Knit a tiny scarf for my neighbor’s naked goose statue.

I hope your Thursday is going well. I almost bought a wax tart melter, but then I didn’t. That pretty much sums it up.

(If anyone has opinions on wax tart melters, I would love to hear them. I sort of made my own out of a teacup and my oil burning tiny stove, but I’m not completely sure that the teacup is lead-free. In other words, I’m compromising my family’s health to make our house smell like something called Winter Dutch Apple Wreath. Oh, the things we do.) ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

10 thoughts on “What’s not scary? Puff pastry, that’s what!”

  1. I have a Scentsy burner and I love it. Also- you never fail to make me laugh and I love that too.

  2. I have 2 of those Scentsy warmers and I’m not impressed. The smell is SUPER OVERPOWERING for about an hour and then barely smells. And if you have a stash in the closet (like me) they lose their scent before you even melt them. Since you like the essential oils, I would see if there is a scent delivery vehicle for that! Probably smells better anyway.

  3. Scentsy is ridiculously overpriced and like Aubrey said, they are overpowering for an hour and then basically without fragrance. Since the overpowering gives me a headache, I ended up having to get rid of all my Scentsy stuff.

    But! I bought a cheap warmer from Target and bought some of the Glade wax cubes and the combo works amazing! It glows and looks pretty, the smell is pleasant and light and lasts for ages, and it just makes me happy. So my advice is, on this one, go for the cheap.

  4. I’m a convert to the electric wax warmer. I can turn it on and get some scent in the room but if I forget it because I fall asleep on the couch, its not going to burn my house down. I have one in the kitchen and with the lid on it scents the kitchen nicely but with the lid off, it scents that end of the house too. One with a lid is nice.

  5. That is a beautiful Beefless Wellington. Things like remind your parents how good it is that they got together 49 years ago. Congratulations to them and to you.

  6. Now that you’re a puff pastry pro, buy a small round of brie and wrap it in a sheet of puff pastry. Throw it in the oven until the pastry is golden at about 350. Slice into it and spread on baguette slices. It’s easy, delicious and looks really impressive.

  7. I knit a scarf for the bear carved from a log that stands next to our front door. It matches the pumpkin and gourds. Next up, a Christmas scarf for him. He’ll probably need an Easter scarf, too. I’m hoping I can skip Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, but you never can tell.

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