We’ll start in seven days.

Ten years ago, I got up every morning and wrote three pages in a journal. It was a time to puke my head out onto paper before getting started with the day, and I always loved the results.

I’ve been trying to get back into keeping a written journal for years, but I’ve always failed.

This afternoon I picked up a sketch pad and decided to write down a sentence that summarized the day. (Please know that my definition of sentence is loose. It can hold two periods. And can be capitalized. Burgers don’t have to look like burgers.)


Anyway, because the whole thing took less than two minutes and I was able to play with the pen Jeff gave me for Christmas (I love that stinking pen) and now the day is documented, it occurred to me that I should be doing this Every Day. One (or two) sentence journal entries. No need for elaboration.

Would you care to join me? Take a week to find a notebook and/or pen, and we’ll get this thing going on February 1st. Maybe we’ll even create a hashtag for it. We deserve a hashtag, right?

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28 thoughts on “We’ll start in seven days.”

  1. I’m in!

    Planned entire second grade Valentine party on my lunch hour. Also ate some yogurt.


  2. Count me in! This is something that I can actually do, plus I love to shop for pens and journals.

    I have to work on figuring out twitter.

  3. As an official cartoonist, that is clearly a burger with lettuce.

    I’m in. Already have sketch pad and sharpie

  4. I think there was a similar thing in The Happiness Project where she did a 2 sentence journal. I think it’s a GREAT idea!! Very do-able.

  5. My multicolored Pilot Varsity pens and I are IN, especially if we’re doing it on Instagram. I will forget the hashtag a million times, so I apologize for that in advance.

  6. My “self affirmation” jeans were the Friday funny for many in a week that needed levity.

    Yep. I’m in!

  7. Huh. Maybe I could do that. I recently found my periodic/spasmodic teen/young adult journals at my parents’ house which I would start with Intentions and proceed to fill a few pages with a lot of Emotions and then abandon them out of ennui and embarrassment. A one sentence thing seems doable. Not enough content to get into too much trouble or mortification.

  8. I never participate in this sort of thing. I’m old, and I’m busy, and they are for other people who like to share more than I do.

    I’m in. I will use the beautiful fountain pen my son gave me for Christmas in 2012 and I will probably show no one else, but I will write two sentences a day.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. A friend gave me a “One Line A Day” journal when my daughter was born. It is one of my favorite gifts I received. I then bought one for my husband for Christmas. We have both been writing short notes to her most days (sometimes we forget or are too tired) and plan to give them to her someday when she will appreciate it…

  10. Count me in too! Funny thing — I’m a notebook and pen-a-holic. I often think if I expired unexpectedly, my family would be so puzzled to find notebooks and black, medium point Uniball pens stashed in unexpected places all over the house. Time to dig through the closet (and in Rubbermaid containers, and in dresser drawers, and in the corner of the office, and under the bed, oh my!) and give those pretty notebooks a reason for existing. Thanks for the motivation.

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