Forcing a Daily to Ward Off Mundanities

Oh, Labor Day.

We spent most of today getting House #1 ready for its new residents. Rooms are cleared and most baseboards and floors are cleaned and dust is removed and branches are stacked. (We vacuumed the concrete basement floor for the first time ever, and I kept reminding myself that some people actually have to clear houses of dead bodies and their associated fluids, so all of this vacuuming really isn’t so dreadful.) The only thing that remains is The Clearing of the Garage and The Taking Out of Lots of Trash. The timing is working out. We have ten days, which includes one weekend and one trash day. It can/will be done, and in 11 days, I’ll be the girl in the bathtub who still doesn’t have a completely functional kitchen sink, but who feels about 34% less stressed out than she does at this particular moment in time. (This particular moment in time is not a good moment to be around me. The good news? I recognize that I’m not easy to be around right now, and I’m very good at Maintaining Distance.)

Because I love stopping by Fluid Pudding and because I’ve been so CRAPPY at it lately, I’m considering turning this month into a NaBloPoMo. I feel like I’ve been nothing short of Uninteresting lately with all of my moving crap, and I need to bust the cycle.

(I’m reading Fangirl and loving it. It’s fun having an 11-year-old lover of books in the house, because I get to dive into young adult fiction for “appropriate theme screening.”)

When we moved into the house, we were greeted with a chalkboard wall, and we sort of loved it.


After trying to clean the chalk off of the wall yesterday, I’m finding that I sort of HATE it. I’ve tried water. I’ve tried soapy water. I’ve tried the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. NOTHING CLEARS IT. Do any of you have a chalkboard wall? How in the world do you clean it?! (Don’t say Chalkboard Eraser. Seriously. Don’t say that.)

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting the parents of Harper’s new friend. When the mom told me that they had spent a good part of Saturday dealing with what happens when one puts too much shredded beef down the garbage disposal, I immediately knew that we could be friends. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Forcing a Daily to Ward Off Mundanities”

  1. Gah! I hate when I type a whole message and then it disappears. We own a plumbing company. Email me, we will talk! I truly think this issue should have been addessed during your inspection, but since it wasn’t I can help hit address it now.

  2. Oh! I just read Fangirl! I liked it (I usually like Rainbow Rowell books), but either my Kindle had a hiccup or the ending is REALLY abrupt. I just love her characters. She makes them so human and so book-like at the same time. I want to buy her novel for adults, too, but it’s over $10 on Kindle so now I’m waiting until I can get to the library to check it out.
    Have a good time maintaining your distance. Perhaps with wine? Also, if you need ideas for NaBloPoMo, tell us about your migraines. Gone? Did the surgery work? Congrats on your new home.

  3. We use “Whatever” cleaning spray on chalkboards. It’s made by Better Life, and it’s a STL company. Can be found at whole foods, some schnucks and other rad places. Ps: all their stuff rules, and has cute names, like I Can See Clearly Now window spray. You’re welcome for that ear worm. Oh, and 100% safe for humans and non-humans…and very Eco-friendly,

  4. Oh, #2 would have sold me on the house for sure!

    I spent this weekend emptying boxes that were moved on May 1 and then abandoned in the unoccupied upstairs office/craftroom area shortly thereafter. Now there is a pile of miscellaneous junk on my desk (WHERE did this stuff come from? I recognize it all, but have no idea where it must have lived because there’s SO MUCH of it. A baggie of dice? Where’s that go?) and 3 boxes of miscellaneous stuff to come downstairs to find homes, and then a bunch of trash and recycling. Why did I feel it necessary to move things that I’m now throwing away? Now that I’ve got my craftroom organized (office next!) I’m wondering where all this stuff lived in my previous 568′.

  5. Well… this is good information to know. Every time I see those chalkboard walls in some home decor magazine, I get a little swoony with dreams of having one of my very own. I’d probably get real annoyed by not being able to clean off the chalk.

  6. Did the previous owners leave the wall all written up like that to welcome you? If so, that is all kinds of awesome. As is the sound of Harper’s new friend’s mother — your kinda woman, almost for sure.

    (Flexing fingers and employing extra-long piece of mental floss in response to unexpected(ly great) early arrival of NoMoBlahPo here at FP)

  7. I thought those chalkboard walls were meant to look dusty and rustic. It would drive me crazy. I already have dusty and rustic everywhere else.

  8. Weird and scary: coke cleans chalk off of chalkboards. It’s also really good at cleaning brass.

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