12 thoughts on “We prefer noodles.”

  1. That is incredibly sweet. The former owner of our house (who grew up here; her parents were the original owners) left a lovely note for us on the kitchen counter. I keep it on the side of the refrigerator.

  2. How sweet! You inspire me, here pinned to the sofa with a bad back after over-enthusiastic digging to tart our house and garden up for sale. Was feeling resentful towards the eventual new owners, but now I’m wondering what thoughtful thing I could do once it’s sold. (And, presumably, am able to move again.)

  3. That’s what nice people do. This is the kind of people I’m trying to raise! (just to be clear, you. Not the poopy porny people). Your mom must be proud!

  4. Beautiful! I love the “portraits” of all the Pudding family on the card. Pasta dinner with wine from a very happy, nice family will surely start the new owners out right in your old home. The sunshine you bring to your new home spills out all over.

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