Sandwiches and Sweaters

This is the avocado sandwich I made for Jeff this evening.


This is the festive holiday cardigan I tried on at the mall a few hours ago.


(The scarf is the result of CGI. I wouldn’t wear the cardigan without a scarf.) Anyway, I sent a photo of the sweater to Jeff with a note that said, “Honesty. Is this tacky?”

Jeff: There’s a lot going on.

Me: Are you talking about the dancing girls and the dog and the piano?

Jeff: There are dogs in there?

Me: There’s a dog sitting on the piano.

Anyway, I didn’t purchase the sweater, but I came home with its little cousin–a scarf with the same pattern. Dancing girls and dogs on pianos are best in small doses, don’t you think? ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

13 thoughts on “Sandwiches and Sweaters”

  1. I think you’re right. One can only take small doses of festive dancing girls and dog on pianos. Although the idea of a scarf in that pattern does quite appeal to me.

  2. That pattern is Very Auntie Mame and refrains of “We need a little Christmas” are now running through my head.

  3. I love what Jeff said. Really. That encapsulates the whole idea in such a nice way. As for a scarf in that pattern — yay! — it will be a terrific accent for the right sweater, and I know you’ve got some good sweaters.

    That sandwich just made me hungry. Now I’ve got to get some avocado.

  4. Can’t imagine how there could possibly be too much of the good thing that is dogs at pianos. I vote “not tacky”. Seems somewhat Moulin Rouge-ish to my eye.

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