I’ve seen Bunny Funkhouser.

A few people have asked to see some photos of the house. Please know that we moved in on August 15th, and we’re unpacking as needed. It’s sort of a nice feeling to not have a lot of extras sitting around in need of dusting. It’s much easier to clean. BUT, as I look at these photos, I’m already starting to notice clutter. Clutter is entirely too easy for us. Why am I so nervous right now? It’s almost like you’re actually HERE here. (I hate that I’m such an awkward host.) Anyway. Onward.

When you walk into the house and look to the left, this is the room you see. It’s officially called Dining Room, but right now it’s the place where I blocked my cardigan and the place where I’ll eventually be sewing my cardigan together. (Right now I’m still too scared to sew my cardigan together.)


Straight across the hall is the library/office/dogs’ room/Harper’s Wonderful Room of Happiness, Dreams, and Peace. (Really. She made a sign and everything.) It has a closet devoted to my yarn and fiber. Bookshelves are slowly coming together. We do family breathing sessions in this room. Care for a closer look?


(Please know that the desk is going to be moved to the basement and I know this is a terrible photo. BUT, Henry was very pleased with his hair and waggy tail in this one, so I left it in.)

When you walk through the front door and take about five steps (with the dining room to the left and the library to the right), this is what you’ll see. It’s a staircase, a bathroom door, Scout, and a well-lit family room. The thing I love the most about this house is the natural light. Big windows. Not a lot of furniture which creates the illusion of space. Let’s take a look into that family room.


Here is the love seat. The dogs love it because the sun pours onto them during the afternoon which makes for the perfect nap scene. I can’t wait to sit on the love seat in my robe with my eyes on the snow and my hands on a mug of hot something or other.


To the right of the love seat is the fireplace. Sitting on the mantle is a ceramic vase made by Harper, a cardboard box full of Sidney’s ashes (I still need to find a good urn), a candle, a blue vase, an oil burner, a snow globe, and a concrete owl named Herbert (after my freshman year piano performance professor).


To the other side of the bathroom door that we saw earlier is the kitchen. It has an island, which seems to be a magnet for birthday gifts, mail, electronics, and cookie cakes.


Sometimes I’ll have something like this roasting in the oven.


Leading from the kitchen to the back yard are some doors, obviously. When you open them, this is what you see.



Now, if you hear your car alarm going off and you need to haul it back toward the front door, you’ll be presented with this.


It’s one of my very favorite things about the house. Again, so much light.

I’ll keep the upstairs upstairs for a bit, because I have no problem with showing you videos of me shoving marshmallows into my face, but I’m not so keen about showing where I sleep. (And in case you’re wondering? Yes. I’m once again sleeping. Sometimes for five to six hours at a time, which almost feels gluttonous.) Thanks for looking around with me. Honestly? I really don’t feel like I deserve to live in a house that’s this nice on a street with kind neighbors and a five minute drive to Target. BUT, the girls now have their own rooms, the dogs have lots of space to run around, and we’re far enough removed that we can see stars. I’m definitely not complaining. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

14 thoughts on “I’ve seen Bunny Funkhouser.”

  1. That is a lovely house. I haven’t been reading the blog for long, so I did not know that you have two dogs.

    How do you like the hardwood entryway, with carpet in the rooms? Do you wish there was more of the hardwood? I have to decide on new flooring next year.

  2. I found yesterday afternoon that my bed gets the most perfect afternoon sunshine for a nap. It was bliss.

  3. Thank you for sharing! It looks like a beautiful house. We recently upgraded to a new house (in STL) and I feel the same way. But we shouldn’t! We totally deserve it. I remind myself how many years I put up with a dysfunctional kitchen and no closets and I snap right out of it.

  4. Your house is beautiful. I have been wanting to ask you if I could see it sometime. Thanks for the tour. I love all of the windows. I miss you….lots.

  5. I scrolled slowly and savored every single minute of that tour. Looking back toward that beautiful front entry window area is my favorite. (But dear Goodness, however will you clean that thing?! Oh heck, who cares — it’s going to stay gorgeous no matter what!)

    Clearly you have found The Pudding Family’s Wonderful House of Happiness, Dreams, and Peace. Kind neighbors and no crazies that you know of (yet) is a major bonus. I’m really happy for you :-)

  6. Thank you for the tour. Your home is lovely, and all that natural light is definitely the best thing in the world. The kitchen looks like the place where years and years of family memories will be made.

    And an elevated playhouse in the back yard? If I got to live with you I would climb up there to read. What a happy place for all of you!

    No need to show us the sleeping quarters. Some places are not for guests to wander through. You’ve been gracious to let us see the common areas.

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