It’s how I do.


I’m not trying to be vague. Just know that this has nothing to do with my kids or my freelance gig (although I received word today that I’m now officially employed by someone other than myself), and everything to do with what’s under my shirt. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “It’s how I do.”

  1. You bought new bras!

    I know when I buy new bras I’m alwasy totally surprised at how the old ones were not doing their job so much.

  2. Last time I had some funny business show up during a breast exam that turned out to be a non-issue I celebrated by buying cupcakes for my office mates. I didn’t tell any of them why, just explained that they should be grateful for random cake.

  3. Yes! I knew if you could just not fret and think good thoughts it would be good news. Happy to hear that you celebrated with tea AND a vanilla long john. Party on.

  4. Just catching up and wanted to let you know that in the post previous to this one, I initially read the phrase, ‘Tweaking is voluntary’, as, ‘Twerking is voluntary’. Thought you’d want to know.

    Also, yay for healthy breasts!

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