Happy Birthday to My Dad!


I lucked out when it comes to dads (and moms, and siblings, and extended family). (Also, husbands, kids, pets, and friends.)

When I’m nervous about fixing a toilet or changing out a light fixture or using a chain saw, my dad is the guy who jumps into his car, drives to our house, and helps us get the job done. Best of all, he never laughs at me or makes me feel silly when I mess something up or I’m not able to fix something correctly.

Several years back, my dad drove an hour in the rain to deliver a pot of chili to my office. He left it in the front seat of my car (along with a bag of oyster crackers) and it was still warm when I drove it back to my apartment. (What he didn’t know was that his timing was perfect. I was out of cash, had no food at the apartment, and was planning on charging a taco for dinner.)

It is because of my dad that I plant tomatoes, I eat gooey butter cake, and I never use The F Word on my website (unless it’s necessary).

When Meredith and Harp visit my parents’ house, my dad often comes out of the back room with a 3 Musketeers candy bar. It is their ritual to cut the bar into thirds and split it. This is a tradition my kids will remember forever.

Today my dad turned 72. He claims that he spent the first several years of his life playing in the dirt with White Castle boxes. 50 years married to my mom. Nearly 47 years as a dad. Nearly 17 years as a grandpa. So many different hats, and they all fit him perfectly. ‘ ‘ ‘text/javascript’>

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to My Dad!”

  1. A very happy birthday to you, Sir!
    May this find you with crumbs on your shirt front, ribbons in your trash, and those you love best all around you.

  2. This may very well be my favorite thing you’ve ever written, Angie. And a great string of comments in the making too, I see. If this were FB I’d have “liked” every single one of them.

    In our current family, my husband is now known as “Pop Pop”. But I'[m thinking in yours, “Pop Pop Pudding” might be just a leeetle too much.

    And pharmgirl? I might just be filing that birthday wish of yours for future reference; it’s a good one!

  3. Your dad was born on the exact same day as my husband. Same day, same month, same year. That was a very good day for producing stellar husbands and fathers, obviously. Happy Birthday, Angie’s dad!

    And, just so you know, I’ll bet he really did know how much you needed that chili he left for you. Great dads just do.

  4. I am not a hugger. Indeed, I’m a non-hugger outside my immediate family. But Pudding Pop has a face that makes me want to hug him. You’re a lucky lady! Happy birthday, Pudding Pop. I love thinking of all of you celebrating life together. Oh great. Now I want to hug him all over again.

  5. I love my dad more than anything, but i suspect that my former marine and also super sweet dad would love your sweetest ever dad. And this makes so much sense because yo are so lovely and loved and wonderful and wondrous. Happy birthday to your daddio. I really do hope I get to meet him in the next couple of years, and eat gooey butter cake and chat him up about you.

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