The flowers and the nuts and the flowers.

If I was one of those people who planned big gatherings for internet friends, I would invite each and every one of you to my house right now. All of your comments and support from my most recent “I’m ready to be healthy” post has floored me. I keep sitting down to respond to everyone and then I get all whooshed with happy thoughts. I’m the luckiest.

Oh! If you *did* come to my house right now, you would be greeted with a climbing rose that I didn’t even know existed six months ago! It bloomed this morning, and I keep going outside to check on it. (It’s always okay. I think it will be fine.)


A few years back, my parents gave me a rose bush for my birthday, and although it never really thrived (throve? was thriven?), I worked with it every year until it pushed out a few blooms. a rose is a rose is a rose, et cetera

When we moved away, I really considered digging it up and taking it with us, but that seemed like something a normal person wouldn’t do. (A rose bush is not a child or a pet, right?) Anyway, I’m really excited about the new red roses, and if you came to my Fluid Pudding Internet Buddies Gathering, I would let you clip one of them and wear it in your hair if that’s your sort of thing. And then we would dance, and by “we” I mean “you” because I haven’t had a drink in over 14 months.

This morning I melted some dark chocolate and threw in some crushed up macadamia nuts.


I then poured it into a parchment-lined dish and sprinkled it with sea salt.


After refrigerating it for about an hour or so, I stabbed it repeatedly with a butter knife.


And now I have a snack.

One last thing. Jeff and the girls took me out to choose a plant for Mother’s Day yesterday.

I went with an Ivy Geranium.


I’m proud to say that my newfound love of plants and flowers is starting to rub off on Meredith. She found a black petunia hidden amongst the pinks and purples, and she couldn’t leave without it.

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9 thoughts on “The flowers and the nuts and the flowers.”

  1. “This morning I melted some dark chocolate and threw in some crushed up macadamia nuts.”

    Well, of COURSE you did!

    Healthy fats. Antioxidants. BAM!

    So happy to see your garden in bloom.

    Happy post-Mothers’ Day!

  2. Well done, Meredith. I LOVE black flowers.
    My favorites are black tulips, trimmed into a festive chartreuse be-ribboned Addams Family boutonniere with lillies of the valley.
    This did happen.

  3. moving plants with you is totally normal!! My mother has your standard issue hostas that she took from her grandmother’s garden before I was born and she digs those suckers up and moves them every time she changes house (5x so far?) Still throving!

    I actually had a lace cap hydrangea gifted to me when I lived in Atlanta and then got moved to Chicago where it would die – mostly because I lived in a condo in the city and no dirt was to be had. Anyway – I dug that up and gave it to my buddy who lives there and it’s happy at her house.

    Lastly! I so love discovering what little surprises a new yard will give you during your first years in a house. It’s like dating, only less anxiety producing. your yard looks lovely.

  4. That bark looks fabulous!
    I love black flowers too. I used to have black hollyhocks but the deer kept eating them so I think they just gave up.

  5. I would’ve taken the rose too. Dr. Pharm has many, many plants that have traveled with him from home to home. (There’s a violet on the windowsill in the kitchen that I value more than the family silver.)

    Holy moly. The bark looks amazing.

    The petunia is Pudding worthy.

  6. I want some of that bark right now! Also a front bed filled with black and white petunias would be lovely.

    Hope you’re having the most fabulous of days!

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